Video: New Explosion Rocks Major Cuban Oil Terminal After Weekend Tank Explosion



Last Friday evening, a strong fire broke out at a Cuban oil storage facility in the port of Matanzas after lightning struck the dome of a tank containing about 25,000 cubic meters of oil.

A third crude oil tank caught fire and collapsed at a major oil port in Matanzas, Cuba, fueled by a second tank flame that ignited two days ago, Reuters report On Monday, quoting the local governor.

Reports say that a huge pillar of fire continues to rise into the sky, and black smoke darkens the sky all the way to Havana.

A huge bundle of fire, enveloped in thick black smoke and flames, appeared above the harbor against a backdrop of clear skies and azure water, as seen in a new video shared Monday.

According to the latest data on the case, 16 people was missing A firefighter was killed as a result of an explosion at a No. 2 storage tank on Saturday. Despite the threat, the fourth tank did not catch fire.
Cuba’s electricity is produced primarily using oil.after receiving Aid from Mexico Mario Sabinez, governor of Matanzas state, about 130 kilometers (130 kilometers) from Havana, said the island nation made progress over the weekend to contain raging fires, but late Sunday a second tank collapsed and the blazes began to spread. I was.

By Monday morning, a large Venezuelan-made hydraulic pump for chemical firefighting and a foam firefighting system were reportedly assembled.

The country’s most important power plant, located not far from the site of the fire, was reportedly shut down around noon Monday. Over 90% of his fuel used in electrical systems is domestic and imported.

Moscow Kremlin and Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge. Background: The building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. - Sputnik International, 1920, August 7, 2022

Moscow is in close contact with Cuba to help contain oil facility fires Video: New Explosion Rocks Major Cuban Oil Terminal After Weekend Tank Explosion

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