Video: Stomach Situation at Balaton Restaurant

The National Food Chain Safety Office (NÉBIH) has shared a video of the stomach-churning conditions on Lake Balaton.

Amazing hygiene of the restaurant

During an inspection of Siofok’s catering unit, NÉBIH inspectors found that hygiene conditions pose a serious food safety risk. The errors and deficiencies found by the experts, especially the general lack of cleanliness, justified the immediate suspension of the restaurant’s activities and the withdrawal of 790 kilograms of food from circulation. index report.

Serious sanitary deficiencies were found during an on-site inspection of the restaurant. Upon examining the location, inspectors found a general lack of cleanliness and high levels of contamination at virtually every facility. The restaurant has since fixed the deficiencies and was allowed to continue operating, officials said Thursday.

greasy, dusty, dirty, dirty

Examples of contamination were sticky and dirty floors and dirty sidewalls in galley, vegetable prep, storage, supply and gyro prep rooms. Several locations were used to store non-technical items and equipment.

The black sink room had plaster coming off the ceiling above the sink, the top of the fridge was dusty and the sides of the room were dirty. Another issue was that the refrigerated area was storing foods with different hygiene standards together, such as fruits and vegetables, prepared foods and dairy products, exposing them to the risk of contamination.

In addition, inspectors found approximately 500 kilograms of unmarked and untraceable frozen gyro meat and over 120 kilograms of unmarked and untraceable frozen mutton in the unit.

dormant activity

Due to the above circumstances which pose a serious risk to food safety, NÉBIH has immediately suspended the activities of the unit. their website writesAuthorities have also withdrawn 28 batches, totaling 790.49 kg, of untraceable food that have expired/expired and banned their use and marketing.

After a positive on-site inspection by authorities, the restaurant was allowed to reopen after the food hygiene and food safety deficiencies were remedied. Fine setting is in progress.

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