Video: Virtual walk around Trogir has started

Virtual walk around Trogir has started

The City of Trogir and the Tourism Board of the City of Trogir bring the sights of their location closer to virtual visitors.

Before choosing a destination, tourists find out where they plan to visit. Virtual Walk is an ideal tool to further assist in this.

The virtual walk also has an educational element, allowing visitors to find interesting facts about places taken in Croatian and English through information points.

As part of the project, a large number of tourist photos will be taken and you will be able to experience the location through promotional videos.

This project shows the city center of Trogir and the attractions of the destinations offered by tourists. You can learn more about this from the information points implemented in the virtual walk.

Created by the digital agency L33T in collaboration with the tourism community and the city of Trogir, the project will capture 61 virtual panoramas, including more than 3,000 aerial and ground photographs and more than 90 minutes of photography. It was. Material shot for the production of a promotional video.

Virtual walk around Trogir has started

Virtual walk around Trogir has started

Virtual Walk is written in HTML5 technology and is directly supported on all platforms and devices via an internet browser. The interface displays panoramas at resolutions in excess of 200 MP, allowing you to see every detail of each recorded location.

Multi-resolution scaling guarantees content fluidity and fast loading. Virtual Walk is fully VR-supported, so you can take your user experience to the next level with all kinds of VR glasses.

The implementation of the project is envisioned at several stages, taking into account places of particular focus in the future and many other places.

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Watch the promotional video below.

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