Viewer’s numerical rating system extended to all devices-English

(ANSA)-Rome, April 11-The Italian audience rating system has been extended to all platforms and devices, not just televisions, said Andrea Imperiali, head of the Auditel Rating and Measurement Company, on Monday. I told the Senate.

He said the new system would be called a “total audience”.

It combines the existing system of random sampling of TV viewers with comprehensive detection of people tuned to each single connected device.

According to Imperiali, a single code for video spots will also be introduced to measure the scope and impact of individual ads and commercials.

An unidentified audience that wasn’t previously counted will now be toted up, said the chief of the Audietre.

“Today, in addition to the 45 million TVs in Italian homes, we need to add about 75 million new screens connected.

“And thanks to about 60 different devices that have access to audiovisual content, their use has changed from family to personal, moving from indoors to mobility, and from linear to on-demand, and thanks. With an infinite number of external tools that can connect even outdated TV sets. ” (ANSA).

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