Viktor Orbán against MEP: Hungary continues to oppose proposals that threaten family poverty

Prime Minister Viktor Orban wrote to 44 MEPs who recently approached him in an open letter about the war in Ukraine. In his letter, Orban expressed his support for peace and support for Ukraine, but also rejected “statements that offend Hungary,” sanctions on religious leaders, and “unconventional sanctions proposals.” The spokesman, Berthalan Havacsi, said. MTI On thursday.

Prime Minister Orban said Hungary’s position on the war between Russia and Ukraine was clear from the beginning. The Prime Minister said Hungary accused Russia of attacking Ukraine’s territorial sovereignty and violating the Budapest Memorandum of Understanding. Hungary wants peace, the prime minister said. He added that the armed conflict must be ended and the negotiated conflict must be resolved.

Orban also called for efforts to help those fleeing Ukraine and the country. He said Hungary has accepted nearly 800,000 refugees and provided shelters, food, medical assistance, school education for children, and jobs for adults. Tens of thousands of Hungarians opened their homes to refugees, raised money and worked as volunteers while the government sent money, food, fuel and medicine to Ukraine, which was damaged by the war. He said. Prime Minister Habashi said that all of his efforts were “deserved of gratitude and gratitude, not offensive and lecture-like remarks.”

The Hungarian government protects religious freedom and will never uphold sanctions on church leaders or isolate them from members of the church, Orban said, actively participating in the church. He added that peace could not be achieved without it.

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Hungary’s opposition to the terms of the EU sanctions package

Hungary's opposition to the terms of the EU sanctions package

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In the letter, Orban claimed that the Hungarian government had done everything in support of the six sanctions. pack So far approved for European integration.Hungary Had He said he upheld the sanctions, even though it became increasingly difficult to maintain the previous consensus that sanctions should not hurt the EU more than they hurt Russia.

According to Orban, the European Council makes a unanimous decision under the Treaties of the European Union. Therefore, the veto “cannot be interpreted because there is no decision without agreement.” The reverse is also true so that members of the European Parliament cannot be taught how to vote by members of the European Council.

Orban said he reserved Hungary’s right to fight proposals that, contrary to common sense, threatened the poverty of Hungary and European families for the benefit of Europe. The Prime Minister said he was confident that he would find “more and more partners” among the recipients of his letter in this effort. He said this would benefit Europe as well as Hungary.

Featured image: Zoltán Fischer / MTI / Prime Minister’s Office

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