Viktor Orbán listed as a national enemy on the Ukrainian dead list

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban was listed as a Ukrainian enemy on the far-right website “Mitro Borek” and was loosely referred to as the “List of Death”. This website contains personal information about tens of thousands of people, including name, date of birth, address, and passport number.

Man dinner Since the annexation of Crimea and the occupation of Donbus by Russia, transnational Ukrainians have reported using Mitrobolek and many similar digital spaces to list their enemies. After the murder of Russian politician Oleg Kalashnikov in 2015, the general public began to refer to sites such as the list of deaths. This is because the victim’s name was listed online before his death.

According to experts, the people who run the website would not have been able to obtain personal information without the help of Ukraine’s internal security. This type of behavior would seriously violate people’s rights. The Ukrainian government of Kyiv claims that the site cannot be restricted because it is privately owned.

Not surprisingly, such events confuse many and some leave their profession.

Hír TV I explained the details of the event with the help of correspondent György Dunda.

“For the past few years, Hungarians have already suffered from Milotovorek’s actions. People who were thought to have dual citizenship, especially if they worked in government offices or institutions, or were in higher positions. These individuals were leaked personal information, and as a result, some individuals left the state due to fear. This is also people living in the local Hungarian community. Brought fear to him, “Danda said.

“It wasn’t just the Prime Minister on the site, especially politicians such as Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó and Hungarian Cultural Association President László Brenzovics,” continued Danda.

You can easily create a correlation between the listing of the Prime Minister and the ongoing Russian conflict in Ukraine.

Many do not understand why the Hungarian government refuses to supply Ukraine with weapons.

Danda said, “Some Ukrainian circles are two against Hungary, taking into account the enormous humanitarian aid our country has provided, especially to alleviate the hardships of those fleeing Ukraine due to war. We will set a double standard. “

Source:, Viktor Orbán listed as a national enemy on the Ukrainian dead list

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