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Villagers hold a sign saying “BJP immigration prohibited”

Sambal: A man was arrested for setting up a board of directors, banning BJP leaders and workers from entering Gunnaur or his village in the district, Bichpuri Sailab.

According to Circle official Devendra Sharma, police have set up a committee to ban BJP workers from entering and have allowed access to the village after arresting leader Nilanjan Singh. After getting the information that it wasn’t there, I rushed to the village.

Police also had six others sign public debt that promised not to be involved in such activities in the future, he said.

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The reasons why people did not want BJP leaders to enter the village were not quoted on board, but villagers added that they felt that development was not taking place in their village.

Sharma said that everyone has a constitutional right to enter the village.

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https://www.siasat.com/up-village-man-puts-up-no-entry-for-bjp-sign-held-2270687/ Villagers hold a sign saying “BJP immigration prohibited”

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