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One of the most prestigious wine competitions in the world, the Mondial de Brussels 2021 was held in Luxembourg this year. Of the approximately 75,000 samples, the highest score in the overall red wine category was received by Cassiopeia Merlot 2015 from Jammertal Wine Estate Villány.

This great red won the Grand Gold Medal Revelation Red Wine Award

The relevance of this global success is that no other international wine competition with similar fame has given Hungarian red wine the highest score among its peers in such an open category. is.

The value and scale of the competition is demonstrated by the fact that the medals were distributed to 672 French wines, 507 Spanish wines, 389 Italian wines and 335 Portuguese wines, with the highest score being Hungarian Merlot.

The· wine In the contest, which took place from June 17th to 27th, 300 judges evaluated nearly 10,000 entries in nine days.

A feature of the contest is that wine tests are held at different venues each year. The jury of the contest is carefully selected from among the world-renowned and well-known judges.

International buyers and suppliers, engineers and winemakers, journalists, trade journalists and critics, researchers and industry representatives review wines submitted from around the world.

The main purpose of Concours Mondial de Bruxelles is to provide a guarantee to consumers. It is an objective reward for impeccable quality wines that offer a truly superior drink experience. As they share on their website, “Belgium is proud to host a unique event known and recognized by the wine industry and consumers around the world.”

In the same contest in Luxembourg, Jammertal Wine Estate won two more awards.

  • Cassiopeia MCS * Achird2016 Grand Gold Medal
  • Cassiopeia Franc 2015 Gold Medal

Jamatal Wine Estate The finest vineyards of 85 hectares in the Villani wine region of southern Hungary produce 550,000 to 600,000 bottles annually.

The head wine maker is Ms. Zsófia Kövesdi, Mr. Zsolt Nagy is the vineyard manager.

Jammertal Wine Estate is a family-owned brand that brings together several Villány viticulture and winemaking companies.


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Source: Jammertal Wine Estate Villány Villány’s Hungarian Wines Become the Best in the World – Daily News Hungary

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