Violent divorce behind Limassol murder-suicide

Two elderly women seriously injured in a murder-suicide arson attack in Limassol are at stake following the family tragedy caused by a violent divorce.

Women aged 78 and 73 are using a ventilator at the Burn Clinic at Nicosia General Hospital.

They were seriously injured in an arson attack on Wednesday, a 79-year-old man was killed, and the criminal allegedly claimed his life shortly after the ruthless incident that shocked the island.

The 59-year-old suspect attacked his 79-year-old uncle and 78-year-old aunt and accused him of supporting him. Ex-wife Following their severe divorce.

The 73-year-old woman was a neighbor who went out for coffee.

According to police, the victim was burned by the nephew of a 79-year-old victim named Miharakis Demetriou.

Details of the shocking murder and suicide case were revealed Thursday as local media reported several threats to his 59-year-old uncle and aunt.

The suspect was outraged that his family opposed him and supported his ex-wife, a foreigner.

Following the arson attack, the suspect, identified as Stylianos Christofi, was found dead two hours later next to his car, about one kilometer away from the attack.

He shot his head and was found with a hunting shotgun next to his body.

The ex-wife reportedly appeared at the crime scene late Wednesday night and couldn’t understand what had happened.

In a comment to CyBC, police spokesman Christos Andreou said troops were investigating the case. Bitter divorce The motive that may be behind the attack.

Local media also quoted a family member who said the suspect appeared to be suffering from various mental health problems.

Locals said the 59-year-old man was contacted by the suspect two years ago because he wanted to buy a grave and a tombstone.

I asked why the suspect replied, “I may die.”

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