Visa-free refugee travel suspensions labeled “Worry Trends”

The CEO of Doras, a non-profit organization that promotes immigrant rights, describes plans to suspend visa-free travel for people seeking international protection orders as a “worrisome trend.”

John Lannon told RTÉ Radio’s Morning Ireland that such a move was a “kneeling reaction” to the problem of lack of accommodation.

“Reverse step”

He added that limiting the number of people coming to Ireland for international protection was a retrograde step.

Visa-free travel of refugees from 20 “safe” European countries to Ireland will be suspended for one year (from today) due to the strengthening of the state’s immigration policy. This means that even those who have been recognized as refugees in other countries can apply for a trip to Ireland, but they will need a visa to do so.

Visa-free travel arrangements for Ukrainian citizens fleeing the Russian invasion are unaffected.

Mr. Lannon said people may not be able to get a visa. Ireland should have created a safe route, and if anyone needed to seek asylum, he said he needed to make sure they could.

He added that installing barriers and placing people in tents should not be the solution. If you need to use a tent, it should be “very temporary”. Those who have survived the trauma of war do not have to sleep in a tent with strangers.

According to Rannon, Ireland needs to learn from other countries, as it needs a state-led, long-term strategic approach to coordinating plans, rather than “scrambled” accommodation.


The news comes as the government said that Ukrainian refugees are only expected to stay in tents Gormanstown military camp1 week CoMeath.

About 150 people will move there on Tuesday.

On Monday evening, it was announced that the government had agreed to temporarily suspend the operation of the Council of Europe Agreement (Council of Europe) on the abolition of refugee visas for 12 months.

It described temporary measures as a means of protecting the integrity of immigrants and the international protection system.


The government will suspend visa-free travel for refugees …

Justice Minister Helen McEntee said the government did not downplay the decision.

“But if there is evidence that there may be abuse of such systems, the government risks maintaining the integrity of our immigration and international protection systems and maintaining public confidence in those systems. You have to act swiftly to mitigate, “she said.

“In recent months, the visa exemption stipulated in the Council of Europe Agreement has entered the state and subsequently claims international protection, even though other European countries have already given such protection. It turned out to be abused, including people.

“The suspension of contracts is temporary and will be reviewed within a year. In the meantime, owners of convention travel documents wishing to travel to Ireland are under standard visa arrangements. You can apply for a visa at. “ Visa-free refugee travel suspensions labeled “Worry Trends”

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