Vivo V25 and V25 Pro launch globally, SG launches in Q4 2022

Vivo V25 and V25 Pro launch globally, SG launches in Q4 2022

Vivo today (August 17, 2022) unveiled its photo-centric entry-level handset to the global market.they are none other than Vivo V25 When Vivo V25 Profollowed by V23 5G launched earlier this year.

Vivo V25 and Vivo V25 Pro

The new model continues the product language of Vivo’s V-series, with new and refreshed pieces like photography obsession, beautiful aesthetics and battery efficiency all packaged in an attractive frame.

Unfortunately most of the official Vivo V25 and V25 Pro information comes from press release statements and some details are missing. These products are not officially hosted anywhere. Excludes landing pages for the Indian marketSo you can’t run that spec on a typical spec page.

64MP on both models

Each V25 and V25 Pro comes with a 64MP OIS “Ultra Sensing” rear camera with upgraded OIS and EIS, paired with a secondary 8MP ultra-wide rear camera. The V25 and V25 Pro also come with his Vlog Movie, a video template feature that guides users to shoot better in different scenarios. Software enhancements unique to the V25 Pro include Super Night Mode (color restoration), Real-Time Extreme Night Vision (noise control in preview) and Super Night Video (low light recording).

The front camera (50MP for V25, 32MP for V25 Pro) features natural portrait mode (digitally enhanced skin texture and clarity), autofocus, eye focus, AI HD algorithms for digital sharpening, airbrush Share features such as AI skin retouching for the look of

Mobile phone aesthetics have always been the focus of the V series, and Vivo did not disappoint with the V25 and V25 Pro. Both use a material called Color-Changing Fluorite AG glass that changes the color of the back of the phone to different shades based on the angle of light hitting the device. The V25 comes in Aquamarine Blue and Sunrise Gold, while the V25 Pro comes in Surfing Blue. The handsets are 7.79mm and 8.62mm thin respectively.

MediaTek chipset on both models

The V25 uses the MediaTek Dimensity 900 processor and the V25 Pro is powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 1300 chipset. Both are different entry-level components but still offer 5G connectivity, making the V25 series a 5G-ready duo.

They both offer fast charging, although they have different rated speeds. The Vivo V25 (with a 4,500mAh battery) features 44W of FlashCharge, while the V25 Pro (with a 4,830mAh battery) gets 66W instead.

The official statement does not mention what type of display will be used on both models of the V25 series. So we don’t know its refresh rate, resolution, size, or panel type. but, Some publications report that: The V25 uses a 6.44 inch AMOLED (90Hz refresh rate) and the V25 Pro uses a 6.56 inch AMOLED (120Hz refresh rate). Both are said to be 1080p displays.

No prices for both models yet

The global Vivo team didn’t share any pricing or availability information, other than to say the phone will reach 20 markets including Southeast Asia, South Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. Vivo Singapore Answered saying the phone will be on sale early Q4 2022 Here are the pricing and availability details closer to the local launch date. Vivo V25 and V25 Pro launch globally, SG launches in Q4 2022

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