“Vladimir Putin is always accompanied by a doctor and takes frequent breaks,” claims a former British spy.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin During the war with neighboring Ukraine, many former officials of the country and oligarchs reported that he had a serious illness, which has been rumors over the past few weeks.

Former British spies now claim that Vladimir Putin is seriously ill because he is always surrounded by doctors, taking frequent breaks in the middle of meetings and increasing claims of a terminal illness. doing.

According to the Independent, British spies said Putin was “always accompanied by a doctor” and took a break to receive treatment. Former British spy Christopher Steele claimed that Putin’s meetings were divided into sections for frequent breaks.

Steele further stated that Putin was ill, but the exact details of his illness were not yet known. Comments by a former spy on Putin’s health and government stem from an interview with LBC Radio.

In a radio interview, the former spy said, “The Security Council meeting, which is said to last for an hour, is actually divided into several sections … going out and receiving some treatment between those sections. “

“And obviously he’s a serious illness. That is, it’s not clear how end-of-life or incurable illness … we can’t be completely sure. But it’s certainly Russian at this point. It has a very serious impact on governance, “Steel added.

He further stated that the Kremlin is “like a pool of sharks” and Putin strives not to show any weaknesses to the country. “The Russian Kremlin is a bit like a pool of sharks,” said Steele. “Everyone swims around, smells blood in the water, and tastes blood in the water, and they start fighting.”

These claims come after several former Russian government officials have said Putin is a “serious illness” and suffers from “blood cancer.” Many also claim that he is using a body double to attend meetings because he is being treated for cancer.

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