Vladimirputin activates 50 sleeper agents for cyberattacks on UK infrastructure: Western media

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Russia’s President Vladimir Putin activates up to 50 sleeper agents in Britain to launch cyberattacks on Britain’s civilian and military infrastructure amid heightened hostility to the West over the war with Ukraine It is believed that it was done. ..

The top boss of the British premium intelligence agency M15 fears that Russian agents could steal military information and attempt to target Ukrainian activists and Russian dissidents. Britain’s political and military leadership can also be threatened with information that is considered too confidential or “personal.” Reportedly, “spy hunters” are wary of possible cyber attacks.

Intelligence agencies in London believe that Putin has spies in all areas of British society, from prestigious public schools to civil servants and House of Commons staff.

Senior Intelligence Insider tells “Mirror”: “Russia must now be assumed to be active at all levels of British society. They scoop up all forms of intelligence and return them to the Kremlin through handlers. This is what kind of weapons It can be anything from being sent to Ukraine and how much it is to the sexual dislike of Ukrainian political and military leaders. ”

This disclosure came after a Russian spy suspect was confiscated last week while trying to leave the country at Gatwick Airport, 30 miles south of London. Later, it became clear that up to four Russian spies could have invaded the House of Commons.

“Miller” also states that former military intelligence officer Lieutenant Colonel Philip Ingram said: “It is impossible to accurately assess how many Russian agents there are in the UK. Of course, there are different types. Declared intelligence and social affairs known as part of the Russian diplomatic mission. An undercover investigator who seeks agents in every aspect and then seeks sleeper agents. “

“With support for Ukraine, Russian intelligence can focus on operations in the UK and include recruiting agents in political institutions, defense and industry,” Ingram added.

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