Volunteers needed to census Berlin homeless people –

Thousands of volunteers are currently being sought in Berlin for the second census of homeless people this summer.

As part of the project “Zeit für Solidarität” (English: Time für Solidarity), a small group of hundreds of volunteers will walk the streets of Berlin under the guidance of experts. They will count the homeless people they meet and ask about their living conditions, a spokeswoman for the Social Culture and Labor Association announced on Tuesday (April 26, 2022). Hundreds of helpers who participated in the first survey in early 2020 have already registered, and there are new volunteers, she said.

Senator Social: Countering Homeless Oversights in Everyday Life

All Berliners are invited to participate in the project on the night of June 22-23. Registration is possible online. The census and census are conducted for the second time and aim to improve the situation of homeless people in the city. “This period of solidarity is also an opportunity to counter the habitual oversight of the homeless in everyday life and tackle the problem of homelessness in public,” said Social Senator Katja Kipping on Tuesday.

Census as the basis for demands for political action

In February 2020, 2,600 volunteers recorded 1976 homeless people in Berlin. Some hid during the census project, stayed overnight with acquaintances, and others did not respond to the volunteer approach. Charities assume that there are more homeless people in the city. A total of three counts and the numerous cultural and informational events that accompany them also derive demands on politicians. This project is supported by the Senate for Integration, Labor and Social Welfare in Berlin.

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Issued: April 26, 2022

Last updated: April 26, 2022 Volunteers needed to census Berlin homeless people –

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