Volunteers show sympathy for Cypriot society, minister says

In 2021, a total of 282 social care programs by NGOs will receive more than 12.7 million euros of government support, helping to cover some of their operating costs, Deputy Minister of Social Welfare Anastasia Ansouci said on Saturday.

She added that this amount is expected to increase further in 2022 as new and unique needs arise.

Anthousi was speaking at a conference organized by the Panciprian Volunteer Coordinating Council in Ayia Napa, focusing on volunteerism and how it relates to young people.

“This conference is definitely an important initiative for the Cypriot voluntary association,” said Ansouci.

“Volunteerism is a manifestation of people’s willingness to help their peers, support each other, strengthen the fabric of society, and increase unity.” Rewards.

She said the role of voluntary NGOs is constantly expanding in all spheres of social life.

“From voluntary efforts to provide relief to victims, resolve conflicts and eradicate poverty, to providing care services to marginalized individuals and groups, volunteerism is a significant part of Cypriot society. It shows the presence of humanity and empathy,” Ansouci said.

Finally, Mr. Ansouci said, “Government, and in particular the Department of Social Welfare, should be on your side to provide all possible support and assistance to organized bodies and non-governmental organizations due to the nature of the issues it manages. I am staying in,” he said. Added.

Meanwhile, the council said it acknowledged the long tradition of youth participation in all aspects of society and the importance of young people’s involvement in volunteer work.

Plaques of honor were awarded to outstanding students at the 2021 Secondary School Idea Fair Competition, with the theme of working together and volunteering to support society. Volunteers show sympathy for Cypriot society, minister says

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