Vote against EP report on new tax on aviation fuel

Alfred Santo, head of the European Parliament’s Maltese S & D Labor delegation, opposes the report to the plenary session of the European Parliament and the European Council on the introduction of a new green tax on fuel while ensuring fair play. I cast a vote. The field for sustainable air transportation.

As he has said over and over again, he emphasized that the proposed green kerosene tax would not affect European member states as well, and fears that the biggest blow would be island nations. Was expressed.

Santo suggested that the energy transformation to allow air transport to be decarbonized should be smooth. He emphasized that this should not be achieved by removing operational flexibility and reducing essential connectivity to islands, surrounding areas and remote areas that rely heavily on air transport.

In line with the priorities set by the European Green Deal, on July 14, 2021, the European Commission set the European Union’s energy, land use, transportation and taxation policies on at least 55 net greenhouse gas emissions. We have presented a package of suggestions that will make it suitable for reduction. % By 2030 compared to 1990 levels – “55 compliant” package aimed at reversing climate warming.

This package contains suggestions for ensuring a fair competition for sustainable air transport, also known as the ReFuel Eu Aviation Initiative.

Labor MEP Santo argued that the report did not take into account the specific needs of the island, surrounding areas and remote areas.

He warned that the sudden increase in the share of sustainable aviation fuels in the transport mix would hurt severe member states where the economy depends on imports and visitors arriving by plane.

Moreover, he noted in a European Parliament report that measures aimed at addressing fuel tanker practices ignore the operational reality of remote airports.

“The reality of the airport in the middle of the Mediterranean is not the same as that of Frankfurt Airport in terms of turnaround flexibility,” he said. Vote against EP report on new tax on aviation fuel

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