Voters Consolidated Around NPP/JVP and SJB Nationwide, IHP Voting Revealed

Colombo (No.1 News): Nationally, voters are flocking around the NPP/JVP and SJB, and around ITAK and SJB in the Northern State, with strong support for the SLPP, SLFP and UNP, according to a Health Policy Institute survey. revealed to be declining.

Overall, NPP/JVP support surged in February, noting that it had a clear lead with 43% of likely general election voters, compared to 30% for SJB. SLPP, UNP and ITAK trail far behind with 4% voter support each, while SLFP’s approval remains at 2%.

He further points out that the NPP/JVP lead in February would have been larger had there not been a gap in voter enthusiasm, which supporters said were unlikely to vote.

IHP’s latest MRP analysis of potential voters shows NPP/JVP scored 30 points and SJB scored 11 points in the 12 months since February 2022, when SLPP support last peaked. increase.

Meanwhile, the SLPP and SLFP lost 28 and 15 points respectively, while the UNP gained only 2 points, albeit with fluctuating approval ratings.

Over the last 12 months, NPP/JVP support has fluctuated, peaking in April and July 2022 and rising again now, but over the long term its support has steadily increased.

In contrast, the increase in SJB support has been slow, but not rocky either.

Fluctuations in support for the NPP/JVP show that the NPP/JVP has benefited successively from successive fluctuations in voters. Endorsed by SLPP and SLFP from February to April 2022. Then, in May-July 2022, more voters benefited from abandoning his SLPP. And most recently, it has benefited from declining support for the SLPP and UNP since October 2022.

the latest news Voters Consolidated Around NPP/JVP and SJB Nationwide, IHP Voting Revealed

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