War in Ukraine, day 70. Ukrainian troops have repelled 12 Russian attacks in the last 24 hours.New Evacuation from Mariupol – Romanian Journal

Russia’s war with Ukraine has entered its 70th day, Russia’s bombing has become even more powerful, and has been hit in several areas, even to the port city of Mariupol, Ukraine’s last base. rice field.

Some of the targets of the rocket attack on Tuesday appear to be related to the transportation of military equipment to Ukraine, which Russia had warned. Ukrainian troops say they have repelled 12 Russian attacks on Donbus in the last 24 hours.

The Governor of Donetsk announced a new evacuation of civilians from Mariupol on Wednesday morning.

According to Sergei Gaidai, head of the regional military junta, a Russian bombing in the Lugansk region killed two women in Lysychansik and a man in Popasna on Tuesday night, injuring the other two. “Yesterday all our cities were suffering from enemies. Four areas withstood rocket and bomb attacks. Russians not only destroyed Popasna, but wiped it out of the map of the Lugansk area. 34 times more enemies hit residential areas in the area“Gaidai told Telegram.

As the EU prepares to impose oil sanctions on Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin argued that exports and transactions with certain states could be suspended. This was the Kremlin’s toughest response to date.

Ukrainian Army General Staff: 12 Russian attacks repelled in the past day

In the last 24 hours, Ukrainian troops have repelled 12 Russian attacks in Donbus (eastern Ukraine), where Russian troops are still trying to advance from the north, with the aim of besieging Ukrainian troops in the region. .. In a newsletter, Ukrainian Army generals said armor and infantry and airborne troops had attacked targets along the front lines of Idium-Barbenkov, according to intelligence agencies, Union and DPA press.

To support this effort,Residents have transferred a 240mm Tiulpan heavy mortar battery and Smerci missile launcher from the Belgorod area to the Izyum area.“The report states.

According to Ukrainian troops, Russian troops have attacked Liman, Severodonetsk, Popasna, Avdiivka and Krahobo, and continue to attack Liman Siversk and Slovyansk, whether the occupiers have acquired territory in this direction. Added that it is unknown.

According to the Ukrainian Army Staff, Russian troops are attacking the Popasna region, where the fighting continues. Mariupol continues to be the hottest place in the Donetsk region, with more than 90% of its infrastructure damaged or destroyed.

New evacuation from Mariupol

Several private buses departed Mariupol on Wednesday morning, announced by Donetsk Governor Pablo Kirilenko. “”Today, with the support of the United Nations and the Red Cross, we are evacuating civilians from the Azov region to Zaporizhia. The bus has already left Mariupol, According to the Guardian, Kirilenko wrote on his telegram channel.

The convoy stopped at Lunaciarsky, Tokmak and Vasilivka, and the governor added that private cars could join the bus convoy at Tomkak.

UK Ministry of Defense: Russia wants to overcome Izyum

“Russia has deployed 22 battalion battlegroups near Izyum to march on Donbus along the North Axis. It was difficult to break through Ukraine’s defenses and move forward, but Russia will probably cross Izyum to occupy the cities of Kramatorsk and Severodonetsk. Occupation of these cities will strengthen Russia’s military control over the northeastern part of the Donbus region and contribute to efforts to isolate Ukrainian troops from the region. “ In a recent assessment of the situation on the Donbus front, the British Ministry of Defense said.

Missile attacks on central and western Ukraine

Three power plants in Lviv, the mayor of this important city in western Ukraine, were hit by Russian rockets on Tuesday night, damaging several cities in Ukraine. “”Three power plants were damaged by the rocket attack. “ Mayor Andriy Sadovy told Telegram that the pumping station was underpowered due to damage. According to AFP, at least one person was injured, he added.

According to Ukrainian media, the power outage affected some parts of Lviv. Local authorities also reported bombings in the Vinnytsia (central), Odessa (southwest) and Krobograd (central) regions without indicating whether there was any damage.

The previously escaped Trans-Carpathian region was hit by war for the first time since the invasion of Russia began. “A rocket has fallen into the mountains of Trans Carpathian. The service is functioning on the fly, clarifying information about the injured and potential victims. “, Governor of the region, Viktor Mikita, was shown on Telegram. Some of the targets of the rocket attack on Tuesday appear to be related to the transportation of military equipment to Ukraine. Russia has the transportation of weapons and It threatens to target that route.

“Putin’s Bridge” targeted by the Ukrainian army

The Crimean Bridge or “Putin Bridge”, which connects western Russia with the Crimean Peninsula, is a strategic and iconic bridge that the Ukrainian Army says is openly seen. This is Europe’s longest 19-kilometer-long bridge and the only railroad structure (in addition to roads) between Russia and Crimea, a state of Ukraine that was illegally annexed by the Russian state in 2014. is.

Built in just two years, the building was launched in 2018 with great glitz, even by the Russian president who crossed the building on truck wheels. At that moment, Vladimir Putin declared it an “exceptional, festive and historic day.” The following year, 2019, the railway part of the bridge was also opened.

Today, the Crimean Bridge is an important crossroads for Russian logistics, and West France reports that it can cross the Kerch Strait in less than 30 minutes.

The bridge is now declared as a military target for Ukrainian troops threatening to bomb infrastructure. “If we had the opportunity to do that, we would have already done it, “Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary-General of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, said in an interview broadcast on April 21, 2022.

Russia is said to have robbed Ukraine of 400,000 tonnes of grain

Deputy Agriculture Minister Kieu Taras Bisotsky said on Tuesday night that Russian troops robbed occupied Ukrainian territory of 400,000 tons of grain, or about one-third of Kherson’s grain inventory in the Zaporizhia, Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Stated. Ukrainian television, according to DPA.

Before the war, about 1.3 million tonnes of grain were stored not only for daily supply but also for planting. “There was no strategic preparation,” he said. Ukrainian officials warned that if grain inventories declined, those areas would be at risk of hunger.

However, Ukrainian farmers expect yields to be 35% lower than in 2021 this year, as the sowing area of ​​various spring crops was only 70%. The Ukrainian report quotes the statement of economist Oleh Pendzin.

EU sanctions and Putin export and transaction bans

The European Union will impose new sanctions on Russia, targeting the oil industry, many Russian banks, as well as those responsible for misinformation, Josep Borrell said Tuesday.

In retaliation, Russian President Vladimir Putin said the Kremlin’s toughest response to sanctions imposed by the United States and its allies could suspend exports and transactions with certain states. Announced. Putin has already signed a decree in this regard, and a list of entities to which it applies will be published within the next 10 days. War in Ukraine, day 70. Ukrainian troops have repelled 12 Russian attacks in the last 24 hours.New Evacuation from Mariupol – Romanian Journal

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