War in Ukraine.”Heavy and Bloody” Battle at Azofustari-Romanian Journal

The Ukrainian commander said fierce fighting was taking place at the Azovstal ironworks, but Russia said it would open an evacuation passage from the factory on Thursday.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Wednesday that 344 people had been evacuated to Zaporizhia from Mariupol and its surrounding areas. He demanded a ceasefire to evacuate people stuck in Mariupol, especially women and children still on the premises.

Petro Andraschenko, an adviser to the Mayor of Mariupol, has accused Russian occupiers of wanting to hold a “Ukrainian Prisoner Parade” in Mariupol on May 9.

Ukrainian officials claim that Russians intend to put Ukrainian military uniforms on 2,000 civilians currently housed in filter camps in the region, and images with them will be broadcast on Russian television. ing.

Battle of Azovstal: The latest Ukrainian defenders at the Mariupol factory provide Russians with “superhuman resistance”

Ukrainian defenders barricaded at Mariupol’s Azovstal iron plant continue to “superhuman resistance” to Russian troops that attacked the former steel plant.

Lieutenant Colonel Denys Prokopenko, commander of the Azov Battalion, said a “fierce and bloody battle” is currently taking place within the complex while Ukrainian troops are trying to “correct” to prevent the advance of Russian attackers. He said he was. CNN.

Plant advocates are now sharing water and food rations with citizens who could not evacuate.

On Tuesday, 156 civilians were evacuated. “”In the worst case, if you run out of food, catch and eat birdsAzov Deputy Commander Subiatoslav Paramer told CNN.

Located south of Mariupol’s port city, the Azovstali plant is the last point of resistance of Ukrainian defenders in an area besieged by Russian Federation troops for more than two months.

Traitor from Azofustari

The Russians allegedly found a traitor among Ukrainians, former electricians at the Azovstali plant in Mariupol, and showed the entrance to a vast network of tunnels under a 24-kilometer complex.

This information was published by an advisor of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. He also said that the Russians were keen to capture Azofustari and took one of Vladimirputin’s favorite propagands from Moscow to the movie “Victory”.

At least six civilians were killed in heavy bombings in Lugansk and Zaporizhia

According to Ukrainian media, Russian troops bombed houses in Polohi, a town in the Zaporizhia region, and killed women, the local junta reported.

Also, according to regional governor Serhiy Haidai, Russian troops bombed residential areas in the Lugansk area 24 times on May 4, killing five locals.

Ukraine has regained control of the area near Kherson, military says

Ukraine has regained control of several towns around Nikolaev and Kherson in the southern part of the country, military officials reportedly said by the Guardian. Due to the actions of Ukrainian defenders, the Russian army “lMost control over some settlements on the border between Nikolaev and the Kherson region“, According to the latest information report of the Ukrainian army.

Nearly 200,000 children were taken from Ukraine to Russia

The Russian news agency RIA writes that nearly 200,000 children have arrived in Russia since the invasion began in the self-proclaimed separatist regions of Ukraine, Donetsk and Lugansk. The RIA said a Russian paramedic official said: “Since the conflict began, a total of 199,700 children have crossed the Russian border, including 2,100 on the final day.Ukrainian officials have accused Russia of being deported from the eastern part of the country to its territory.

Russia claims to have killed 600 Ukrainian fighters overnight in artillery

Russia said this morning that its artillery attacked several Ukrainian positions and fortresses overnight, killing 600 fighters.According to Reuters, the Pentagon has stated that the missile destroyed an aircraft at the Kanatovo airfield in the Central Kirovora region.

Russia accuses Ukraine of bombing the area on its territory

Russia accused Ukraine of not causing casualties on Thursday for bombing two towns in the Belgorod border area.

Homes and garages were destroyed in Nehoteievka, according to the newsletter of the Voluntary People’s Guard Service Group. “”There were no civilian casualties. “, According to EFE, Viaceslav Gladkov wrote in his Telegram account.

According to Russia’s official news agency TASS, a state of emergency was imposed on March 23 in these areas on the Ukrainian border after a shell that could have been fired from Ukraine exploded. Three people were killed on suspicion of an attack, and more than 20 homes and cars were destroyed.

Former Ambassador: Russia lost more troops in Ukraine than in Afghanistan

When Russia lost 15,000 troops, more Russian soldiers were killed in Ukraine so far than in Afghanistan, a former Russian ambassador to Russia told Sky News. “”[Vladimir Putin] He thought he would win sooner, but he actually lost [the war].. He cannot win the war in the sense of achieving clear and established results. No one in Ukraine will forget what he did, what his army did, and how they did it. It’s a defeat in itself,Former British Ambassador Andrew Wood said.

Council of Europe accuses Russia of recreating the horrors of World War II

Maria Peichinovich, Executive Secretary of the Council of Europe (CoE), said Russia recreated the horrors of World War II by attacking Ukraine. The body was created 73 years after World War II, with the promise that such a conflict would never happen again.

“For Ukraine, this promise has not been fulfilled. It is not a failure of multilateralism in itself, but a result of the country’s violent direction.” She said.

“”We dare to believe that such an image is a thing of the past in Europe. We were wrong. History has returned to our continent in the cruelest way possible. “ A representative of the Council of Europe has been added.

UK provides £ 45m to help vulnerable people

The UK has announced additional funding to support vulnerable groups in Ukraine and its borders, the BBC writes. Foreign Minister Liz Truss said a £ 45 million ($ 57 million) funding package will be sent to UN agencies and charities working to help those most vulnerable to abuse and harm.

“UK aid is helping Ukraine’s most vulnerable people, especially women and children at high risk of sexual violence and exploitation.“She said.

Russia is simulating a nuclear missile launch

Moscow reported on Wednesday that Russian troops continued to attack Ukraine, simulating nuclear-launched missile launches at the Russian outpost in Kaliningrad. In a statement by the Russian Defense Ministry, Russia simulated the “electronic launch” of a nuclear-powered Iskandar mobile ballistic missile system during a military operation of this Russian Baltic slave from the Baltic Sea between Poland and Lithuania. Said that he did.

According to the statement, Russian troops hit targets simulating rocket launchers, airfields, protected infrastructure, military equipment, and fictitious enemy command posts once and multiple times.

According to the Ministry of Defense, after firing “electronic” shots, the military performed operations to reposition to avoid “potential retaliatory batters.”

Combat units also conducted “operations under radiation and chemical contamination”. Over 100 soldiers participated in the exercise. War in Ukraine.”Heavy and Bloody” Battle at Azofustari-Romanian Journal

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