Watch: 8,000 fireworks light up tonight’s Mukaba feast

About 8,000 fireworks will be launched from the 55-meter-tall tower to light up today’s Assumption Feast at Mukaba.

Mqabba’s St Mary Fireworks Group is renowned for being one of the island’s top. notch A fan of fireworks that has entertained thousands of people at home and abroad, this year’s feast is no exception.

Their trademark tower of light rises 55 meters above Mqabba and is made up of some 8,000 fireworks petals. The tower is part of an exhibit that sees fireworks synchronized to classic rock and pop music.

This year’s exhibition is even more significant as it marks its 25th It’s been a year since the group started a fireworks show synchronized to music.

Video/Photo: Giuseppe Attard

Preparing a display like this is a year-long process, and it wasn’t until the final details rolled into malta independence on sunday Visited the event location on Wednesday a few days before the feast.

It was a hive of activity as volunteers gathered to load ground fireworks and prepare fuses. Today’s fireworks are launched using a computerized system called Fire One. This system effectively automates the entire firing process.

For volunteers, feasting is everything, and being part of a group like Mqabba brings a certain pride and a certain obligation to put on the best show they can.

The Tower of Light exhibit opens today on the eve of the Feast of St. Mary at 9:45 pm. It can be seen from Triq il-Konvoj ta’ Santa Marija (also known as Mqabba Bypass). Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Seats can be reserved online.

There is an alternative approach to Mqabba. The village is accessible through the airport tunnel as usual. From Qormi and Marsa Zone it can be reached via Ħal Farruġ Road or from Siġġiewi via Ta’ Kandja. Watch: 8,000 fireworks light up tonight’s Mukaba feast

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