Watch a video of Steve Jobs announcing his first iPhone

Apple released its first iPhone in 2007 on this day (June 29), 15 years ago, and since then the device has completely revolutionized the smartphone market. At that time, the first Apple iPhone was only available in seven countries. First-generation iPhone buyers got the device about six months after it was announced by then-Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Jobs unveiled the first ever Apple iPhone model at Macworld Expo in January 2007. At the time, the flagship Apple smartphone had a 3.5-inch LCD display with a thick bezel, but the next generation of this product has made Apple one of the most valuable. Companies so far. The first Apple iPhone had a thick chassis, a basic home button, a 2MP camera on the back, and a Samsung chipset. At the time, Apple’s events weren’t livestreamed, but you can see Steve Jobs announcing the first Apple iPhone model in the video below.

Due to the limited number of buttons and multi-touch support, the iPhone became popular at launch as there weren’t many touchscreen smartphone makers in 2007. Most smartphones released at that time relied on a stylus-based touch interface. Since then, Apple has come a long way. The reflection of the first iPhone model can also be seen in the current flagship product.

According to Counterpoint’s April 2022 Global Monthly Handset Sales Tracker, Apple has led the world’s best-selling smartphone list with five models. The top 10 Apple iPhone models accounted for 89% of total sales for the month. Thanks to its slim portfolio, Apple always has multiple models on its best-selling list. Watch a video of Steve Jobs announcing his first iPhone

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