Watch this amazing video of the pre-war Chernobyl exclusion zone in

Little Big World @Youtube

Joerg is making great videos on his Youtube channel Little big world.. He transforms the most beautiful, entertaining and annoying places on earth into adorable miniature models with spectacular drone cinematography and tilt-shift photography with amazing time-lapse. Therefore, he offers viewers the opportunity to visit places around the world in ways never seen before.

Here’s what Joerg wrote to us:

“”I was visiting Ukraine By the end of last summer, I had a two-day trip Chernobyl Off-limits area.And a few months later it was occupied, as if the events around this place were not tragic enough. Russia army. I still can’t wrap my head.probably Russia Soldiers were digging trenches in one of the most polluted areas, the Red Forest. As we passed there, the dosimeter was astonished …

However, you could only enter the area on an organized tour, but despite the overall “Disaster-Disneyland-Character”, this trip was a great experience. On our tour Ukraine And Russia and I were the only men from the west. There were also nice Russian / Ukrainian couples, and I can’t imagine what they must be experiencing right now.At least for now Chernobyl Returned to Ukrainian control, but the fight continues elsewhere.. “

look video here:

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