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Water gun and balloon celebrations rain on Kuwait’s national parade

By Nawara Fattahova

Kuwait: Celebrating National Day and Liberation Day is a pleasure for Kuwaiti children and adults. People are accustomed to parades in the Galfrode, Kailan and Chalet areas. Since the 1980s, children have been accustomed to spraying white foam on each other, and few people celebrate by spraying water.

A few years ago, the government banned the use of foam spray at celebrations, so we added another item, water balloons, to the celebration gear. In addition to the increasing use of water guns in recent years, this type of celebration consumes large amounts of water, and the government has advised people to refrain from such celebrations.

The Ministry of Interior announced at national celebrations that it would ban water gun spraying and balloon throwing from water guns, but police allowed children to play with water guns and throw balloons at Gulf Road rallies and parades. I was seen there. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Electricity and Fisheries has announced that it will launch a campaign to raise awareness about wasting water at national celebrations. Still, people didn’t seem to take the campaign seriously because the celebration used thousands of water-filled balloons during the holidays.

For the past two years, there have been no celebrations due to pandemics and bans on rallies. So the kids were very excited to attend this year’s celebration. They expressed excitement by throwing hundreds of water balloons at people and cars at the parade. People who drove or walked Galfrode expected to throw a balloon, but this practice was not expected in other areas where moist celebrations spilled.

Some people complained that they had been attacked by children in various areas far from the beach and coastal roads. These incidents are even more dangerous because people in these places do not anticipate such attacks. The Hawalli man was seriously injured after being hit by a balloon thrown directly into his eyes. Another woman complained that she was the victim of a water balloon attack in Salmiya.

Dr. Abdullah al-Bagli, director of the Albahar Eye Center, said throwing a water-filled balloon on the face or eyes could result in serious injury. “Such negative behavior is detrimental to health and waste of water and should be stopped,” he said in a daily statement by Al Qabas.

“The Center’s Emergency Department has injured 92 cases in just two days (February 25 and 26). In these cases, 75 corneal detachments or cuts, 6 times near the eye. Includes a blow to the eyelid, a single cut to the eyelid, a blow around the eye that caused the orbital fracture, internal bleeding of the eye, cases of bleeding and trauma. Eyes, and others caused by throwing balloons. “Six injuries in the case,” added Baghli, adding that the number of common injuries this year was lower than in the previous year before the pandemic.

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/water-gun-balloon-celebrators-rain-on-kuwait-national-parades/ Water gun and balloon celebrations rain on Kuwait’s national parade

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