Ways Online Gaming is Impacting the Movie Industry

Entertainment mediums once used to be distinct fields with there being very few people who could one minute be working in video game development and then transition over quickly into the shooting of movies.

However, times they are a changing, as many online art forms and entertainment mediums blend and intertwine. This was perhaps always likely to be the case when it comes to online games and movies, with directors of the latter increasingly using more and more special effects and computer imaging that was first developed by video game designers.

Many experts thought that the potential synergies between the two would end there, but nothing could be further from the truth, as both movies and games begin to have incredible impacts on one another, a phenomenon that could ultimately lead to them merging completely at some point in the future.

Here we take a look at exactly how the online gaming world is impacting the more established and traditional world of shooting movies.

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The two worlds of motion pictures and online gaming are moving ever closer together, as directors and game developers look to create products with elements from both art forms

Online Gaming Consultants Ensure Credibility

Any arts scene tends to follow trends for its inspiration and ideas, and movie making is no different. Therefore, the inexorable rise of online gaming and Esports was always going to encourage directors and producers to search for projects that involved online games in some capacity.

Of course, no one wants to make a movie and then discover that their writing team had little or no idea about the gaming elements they included in the script, so to ensure the utmost credibility is maintained producers are paying Esports and online gaming experts to be consultants for major motion pictures. This is something that only looks set to become more commonplace, as producers and directors need to keep up with their viewership, many of whom are highly knowledgeable gamers and will not suffer lazy game dynamics implanted in a movie script.

New Shows Cater to Online Gaming Crowd

There have been many shows and movies appearing in cinemas that owe much or all of their inspiration to online games. Plenty more of these are on the way with Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City set for release before 2021 is out, which is due to be followed by other titles like Sonic The Hedgehog 2, and Tomb Raider: Obsidian. As well as these famous franchises, there are also other movies in the pipeline that tread new ground by boldly attempting to bring fresh games to the big screen, some of which include Metal Gear Solid and Ghost Of Tsushima.

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Online movie and TV show streaming services like Netflix are now rapidly expanding into the world of online gaming, seeing clear potential synergies between the entertainment forms

Games and Movies Will One Day Go Hand-in-Hand

Another recent development that has proven just how interwoven the spheres of movie making and online gaming are is the move by Netflix to begin venturing into games. The market leading streaming service plans to offer online games alongside, or as a part of, the movie offerings it already has. This unprecedented move will no doubt force many more synergies to arise between games developers and movie directors, as their respective products have to learn to live together.

Movie Theatres Doubling as Esports Arenas

Movie theatres have been in decline for a while now, as home and mobile streaming services prove a cheaper and more comfortable way for movie goers to consume their favorite flicks. To counter this seemingly unstoppable demise, movie theatre owners are thinking out the box with some of them repurposing their big screens as Esports arenas or at the very least places where fans can watch Esports tournaments that feature their favorite Esports teams and online streaming superstars.

Who knows, perhaps rather than helping to bring about the downfall of movie theatres, online games can be their savior, raising the prospect of online gaming fans also becoming art house movie connoisseurs.

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