We are furious that a giant 42-foot power pole was erected in our home without our knowledge.

Residents are outraged after a 42-foot pole was erected outside their home without their knowledge.

Fed up neighbors say 5G masts popped out overnight and woke up to the noise.


Residents are outraged by 42-foot 5G masts installed in their homesCredit: Solent
The pole is more than twice the size of the average UK house.


The pole is more than twice the size of the average UK house.Credit: Solent
But some neighbors, including Henry Hughes, don't care


But some neighbors, including Henry Hughes, don’t careCredit: Solent

And it’s more than twice the size of the average UK house at about 20 feet.

Less than 50 feet from the nearest house, the new mast is 16 feet higher than the 4G mast that previously stood in the Rosehill residential area near Southampton.

Lorraine Rooker, 66, who lives just 30 feet away, The “obtrusive” mast “No warning, no opportunity to object,” he was put up with.

A massive structure now towers over her house and garden, which she claims has degraded her phone signal.

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She said: “First there was a 3G mast, then there was a 4G mast, which wasn’t great, but it was manageable. You could still hear the pulsation.

“When the traffic quiets down at night, you hear constant growls.

“My phone signal is garbage. It’s gotten worse since we put the monster in. Now the mast is taller. I don’t think it’s possible.

“When the 5G mast was put up, I thought it had to stop.

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“They should at least give us a chance to speak out. Why didn’t they put it in the roundabout or in the field behind the road?”

5G is said to be the next generation of mobile internet connectivity, with much faster data download and upload speeds.

Neighbor Carolyn Lock, 52, who has lived in her home for 27 years, added:

Another resident said, “We are not impressed at all. Just came back one day and it was there. No consultation or anything about it.”

“I’m worried because I don’t know what I’m releasing.”

However, Southampton City Council said no planning permit or pre-approval for the mast is required unless the mast exceeds 66 feet in height.

It also claimed to have followed all guidance and advice from government agencies.

However, other residents of the area were less critical of the new mast, despite the fact that the phone signal had not improved.

Bill Pearce, 71, who lives further up the road and has a clear view of the mast, admitted he didn’t get a 5G signal at his home, but admitted he didn’t have a “two-way I can’t receive it in.”

“Good for streaming and anything else that requires internet.

“When it was first presented, I was worried that it would affect housing prices, but now I am less concerned.

“It doesn’t really bother me. I’m worried about the people who live nearby.”

Another resident, Henry Hughes, 73, said: “It doesn’t bother me. There are a lot of masts and poles around here, but it doesn’t bother me at all.”

Neighbor Dennis Childs, 78, said: “Don’t worry.

“People are complaining about modern technology, but we have to accept that.

“There are worse things to worry about at this point.”

Resident Edward Vincent, 86, can see the mast from his garden and front room, but he doesn’t care about its appearance.

A City Council spokesperson said, “If you need a planning application or pre-approval application, write to your nearest neighbors and give comments and feedback only on the location and appearance of the mast.

“In this case, the council has not received an application for pre-approval, which means the mast is less than 20m (66ft) above the ground and constitutes a permitted development.

“Public health advice states that when 5G is added to existing networks or new areas, overall exposure to radio waves may increase slightly.

“However, overall exposures are expected to remain low and below the 5G Technology: Radio Waves and Health Guidelines, so no public health impact is expected.”

Bill Pierce said: 'I don't really care'


Bill Pierce said: ‘I don’t really care’Credit: Solent
Edward Vincent 'not worried'


Edward Vincent ‘not worried’Credit: Solent We are furious that a giant 42-foot power pole was erected in our home without our knowledge.

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