“We are looking at more possibilities for renewable energy” – Miriam Dalli

Energy Minister Miriam Dali said Tuesday that the government is exploring further renewable energy potential, especially considering investing in offshore renewable energy.

In response to a journalist’s question about the government’s vision for a new renewable energy farm, Dalli said the Treasury is managing an exclusive economic zone to find potential areas for renewable energy farms. rice field.

In March, Dalli said in a Chamber of Commerce debate that Malta would generate at least 50 MW from offshore wind farms or 65 MW from offshore solar power plants by 2030. Dalli emphasized that Malta’s energy policy is fixed to renewable energy. Malta’s offshore wind farms are already in place.

“In reality, the technology that makes sense for our country is a floating offshore renewable energy farm, which is quite expensive, but the government is aware of that fact, and the possibility of renewable energy. We are working on preparations to reach it, “Dali said.

The Minister of Energy has previously stated that Malta can diversify its energy mix by purchasing electricity from LNG imports of electrogas, which owns the Delimara gas plant.

Dali said the government will increase investment in solar panels, but will look at other possibilities for renewable energy to make Malta have as much access to renewable resources as possible.

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