We continue our relationship with Ukraine –

On Wednesday (May 11, 2022), on the anniversary of the end of the Berlin blockade, Mayor Franziska Giffy vowed solidarity between Berlin and Ukraine in the light of the current Russian attack.

“One of the most serious crises that struck Berlin on May 12, 1949, 73 years ago, after the end of the war,” Giffy said. The Soviet Union had blocked the western part of Berlin for more than 10 months. At that time, Mr. Giffy said Berlin experienced a wave of international aid. “Today we are playing our role in demonstrating solidarity with Ukraine,” said SPD politicians. “We continue to support Ukrainians.”

International solidarity: Berlin wants to prepay it

“Our city, which relied on solidarity during the blockade, can return something,” Giffy said. “Overcoming the blockage shows the enormous power that standing together for our democratic values ​​can unleash.” Giffy is in the Platts de Alftbrucke in Berlin-Tempelhof. A wreath ceremony on Thursday at the Memorial, represented by Urban Development Senator Andreas Geisel. The mayor will be her first overseas trip to Poland.

West Berlin was closed for almost a year

For almost a year in the late 1940s, West Berlin was supplied with millions of tons of food and equipment only from the air at great expense due to the Soviet blockade of the three western sectors. The blockade did not end until May 12, 1949.

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Date of issue: May 12, 2022

Last updated: May 12, 2022 We continue our relationship with Ukraine –

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