“We don’t need a female bond,” says actress Ana de Armas.

By Jared Wee

Friday, July 22, 2022 10:53 AMMYT

Kuala Lumpur, July 22 — — I have no time to die Actress Ana de Armas said there was no need to gender exchange Agent 007.

Armas said Sun She wants women to play a more complex role with James Bond in future installments.

“What I want is that even if Bond remains a man, the role of women in Bond films will come back to life in another way,” Armas said. Sun..

“They are given a more substantive part and perception. I think it’s more interesting than flipping things over.”

The actress turned Bond into a woman, sharing the same feelings as her co-star 007 herself, Daniel Craig.

“The answer is very simple,” Craig said. Radio Times During an interview in 2021.

“There should be a better part for women and color actors. Why should women play James Bond when there should be as good a part as James Bond? But for women?”

I have no time to die I saw Craig’s last outing as James Bond and introduced Almas as a Paloma. Paloma is a Cuban agent that appears in a short but memorable sequence.

The last word of her character: “Please stay longer next time” was true for fans of the series waiting for Paloma to return.

Armas’ latest movie, Netflix GraymanSee her return to the spy thriller genre as CIA agent Dani Miranda.

The Armas character, starring with Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, is deep in the action scene.

The actress, like her male co-star, received intense gun and fighting stunt training.

“Accumulation of bruises, just fatigue, and you have to keep working,” said the actress.

“And like this, it takes three months of preparation and five months of filming and travel, which puts a strain on you and you have to continue … and energy.”

Armas will also return to Netflix in September of this year as the legendary actress Marilyn Monroe in Andrew Dominik’s biography. Blondie..

Grayman It will premiere on Netflix on Friday, July 22nd. “We don’t need a female bond,” says actress Ana de Armas.

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