We know how China is ‘punishing’ Taiwan over US Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit

united speakers Nancy Pelosi Decided to visit Taiwan to express its position on the conflict with China, the neighboring country warned its military and responded in a seemingly hostile manner by sending armored aircraft into Taiwan’s airspace. decided.

China was outraged by Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan and decided to send 21 planes into Taiwanese airspace just as the US chairman was landing. At least 16 of them were military aircraft. Military detachments were also deployed near the border to demonstrate strength and intimidation.

Now China has also imposed some tough orders on import and export standards with Taiwan, suspending and stopping shipments of some essential goods as a potential punishment to the Taiwanese government for Pelosi’s visit. I’m here.

Beijing issued new orders on fruit and fish imports from Taiwan and halted shipments of sand to the island on the same day US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan to show her support, according to AFP. .

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan for the first time in 25 years, becoming the second highest-ranking official after the president and the first elected U.S. official to visit Taiwan in 25 years. national borders.

China’s customs authorities said they would suspend imports of citrus fruits and seafood from Taiwan after “repeatedly detected pesticides” and positive for the new coronavirus were detected in packages sent from Taiwan.

In addition, China also decided to suspend exports of natural sand to Taiwan from Wednesday, although no reasons or details were given. The import ban from Taiwan includes some daily necessities such as fruit, tea and honey.

In opposition to the one-China policy, Taiwan has decided to recognize Taiwan as an autonomous state despite its neighbor claiming to be part of China. Now, Pelosi’s visit and assistance to Taiwan has taken China by storm, threatening their stance on the conflict.

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