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“We need a model of Yogi Adityanas,” says BJP Chief of Karnataka.

Bangalore: BJP in Karnataka accused the young tailor of helping BJP leader Nupur Sharma on Wednesday and emulated Uttar Pradesh’s Prime Minister Yogia Ditianas model to tackle religious fundamentalism. He said it should be rated.

While interacting with the media, state BJP chief Nalin Kumar Kateel said there was a need for the YogiAdityanath model in the modern world. He “needs to implement the decision made by Prime Minister Uttar Pradesh’s Prime Minister Yogia Ditianas.

“Terrorist activity has resumed in the country. The relentless killing of Hindu tailors is a shame. The killing of Bajrang Dal activist Harsha in Karnataka was carried out on the same line. The murder of Harsha in Shimoga district, Karnataka. They tore through Harsha’s throat and sent a video to his sister, “Katir said.

There is a foreigner’s hand behind the Rajasthan case. Such an incident occurred because of the appeasement policy of the state legislature government. Why is Congress silent? He argued that when such an incident occurred, it was important to know that it was standing.

“The Rajasthan case is a challenge to humanity. It is planned to encourage violence and murder, and society is collapsing. This is all done in the name of Jihad. The case in Kashmir It’s happening outside of Jammu and Kashmir, “Kashiel said.

There are attempts to foster the idea of ​​jihad in society. Those attempts need to be sandwiched between buds. He said the idea of ​​phasing out decapitation and other activities should be fearful.

Meanwhile, the legislative council BK Hariprasad’s parliamentary opposition leader condemned the case. He said it was not good to make a political statement as an excuse for this case. This is a country where people of all religions live in peace. Death must not be glorified.

“Previously, a man named Shankar Lal was killing a minor. A murder occurred in Faridabad because the victim belonged to a minority community. A 5-year-old girl was killed in Katua, Jean-Mukasimir. All these developments must be taken into account and condemned for all these incidents. There was no intolerance in India. These developments were the leaders of Vishwa eight years ago. (PM Modi) It’s been going on since A arrived. Civil society must blame this, “he said.

https://www.siasat.com/udaipur-horror-yogi-adityanath-model-needed-says-karnataka-bjp-chief-2359683/ “We need a model of Yogi Adityanas,” says BJP Chief of Karnataka.

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