We see a gradual shift in housing supply, according to Dollar O’Brien

Housing Minister Darragh O’Brien said there was a “gradual change” in housing supply this year compared to the last decade and his plans were “entrenched”.

O’Brien also said the government will achieve its overall goal of providing 10,500 social homes by the end of the year through various ways of putting properties on the market.

“I am confident that we can achieve our overall goals,” he told reporters in Dublin.

“We have set a target of 24,600 new homes this year, both public, private and affordable housing, through a variety of holding periods. However, this year we are on track to surpass that goal.

“So we are doing very well.

“This year will be a good year for shipping.

“We will never turn this around in two years, no doubt about that, but what I’m really positive about is that the plan itself has taken hold. Good for next year. We have a pipeline,” he said.

The government is under pressure this year to try to resolve a longstanding housing crisis while also providing adequate accommodation for arriving Ukrainian refugees.

The official homeless count hit a record high for the third month in a row, with the most recent figure at 10,975 in September.

Following criticism from the opposition, Taoiseach Micheál Martin defended the government’s plan as “the only detailed and comprehensive strategy” to solve Ireland’s housing crisis.

Asked about Tuesday’s record number of homeless people, O’Brien said there are still “significant challenges.”

“The first thing we think of when we wake up every morning is the people who are receiving homeless services and want to be able to provide them with permanent homes.”

He said he had directed local governments to buy more tenanted homes, claiming this had led to the increase, but did not provide an exact figure.

“We’ve seen a significant increase during that time,” he said.

“And it’s increasing every day where we’re bringing in more homes.”

O’Brien also said he would not consider extending the eviction ban because he is interested in increasing the supply of accommodations throughout the state.

“I was also very critical of the previous administration’s housing policy. there is,” he said.

“We are offering affordable housing for the first time in a generation.

“Take the First Homes scheme, for example, there are already 640 approvals under that scheme and it just started in July.

“We intend to offer more new social homes than we have done in decades.

“We’re not going to speculate on where we’ll finish at the end of the year because we had a very strong final quarter.” We see a gradual shift in housing supply, according to Dollar O’Brien

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