“We will continue to make decisions based on principle” – Robert Abella

Prime Minister Robert Abella stressed the importance of governments making important decisions for the benefit of the people in today’s reality.

While being interviewed by ONE Radio, Abella spoke about the road to recovery, the effects of the war and inflation in Ukraine and Russia, and hinted at what the next budget is aiming for.

“Our goal has always been to create a people-to-people budget. It’s an important political tool for listening to what people are suffering and thinking about how we can help them,” Abella said.

Over the years, Malta has recovered from the pandemic, but also faces challenges from the war between Ukraine and Russia and current inflation.Abella said the economic growth Malta is experiencing has been phenomenal, even though the government subsidizes the government at great expense.

“Over the past year, we have worked together to achieve the highest economic growth in the EU of 8.5%. We are able to invest in the economy while protecting certain aspects of society.”

Abela is pinpointing the sources of this growth through government decisiveness at critical times. “We didn’t hold back and made decisions when needed, and our successful post-pandemic recovery is proof of this.”

Abella then shifted his focus to Malta’s low unemployment rate. With the unemployment rate below his 3%, Abella said the government can now shift its focus to improving quality of life and jobs for all.

“As our economy grows, we can invest in people by subsidizing certain key elements so they are in a better position to reinvest their income into the economy. That’s the positive cycle we’re trying to achieve.”

This is not the only way the government is supporting the economy. Abela has announced that the Cabinet has approved a new scheme called the ‘Startup Visa’ with the sole purpose of attracting young people who want to start a business in Malta.

“We want to attract quality start-ups to invest in the Maltese economy. These businesses will also create new opportunities for local businesses to work together, resulting in better jobs, better quality of work and the most Importantly, it creates more investment in the country that can be used to help people.”

The next budget will focus on helping those who cannot bear the weight of today’s reality, Abella said. We are in a position to help everyone across the board through a range of policies that attract investment to Malta.” “We will continue to make decisions based on principle” – Robert Abella

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