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Weak monitoring of problems that cause “chaos” in the co-operative sector

The Department of Social Affairs must consider regulations to rejuvenate roles related to the co-operative sector, especially the management and inspection sector, and avoid legal deficiencies, the Audit Office said.

A local Arabian daily newspaper learned from sources that the Department of Audit had formally asked the ministry why the co-operative or the number of cases filed by the co-operative had increased, and the 1925 case is now in the judiciary. This reflects the failure to follow up on the weaknesses of the ministry’s internal control system and the legislative flaws in the regulations on co-operative operations, in addition to non-compliance with regulations by co-operatives. ing.

During an audit of the Ministry of Social Affairs’ operations, sources found that the Bureau of Audit found 2,189 cases filed by the ministry against co-operatives and co-operative federations, in addition to the cases filed against the ministry. I made it clear that I did.

The percentage of unfinished cases has reached about 75, “a very high percentage, and in particular, a final court ruling may be issued against ministries and co-operatives reporting waste of shareholders’ money and damages. . Financial status of the co-operative.

According to sources, the court proceedings were 291 in the capital, 512 in Hawali, 284 in Farwaniya, 94 in Mubarak Al-Jahra, 254 in Jahra, 210 in Ahmadhi, and “against the ministry.” There were 213 dismissed proceedings and 49 dismissed proceedings against the Social Federation.

The most prominent of these cases are related to monetary membership fees to workers such as salaries and termination of services, as well as appeals to ministry decisions and the dissolution of the board of directors.

Sources confirmed that the Department of Audit attributed the number and variety of these issues to the weak role of the Ministry’s oversight of the co-operative’s operational activities, especially in the Co-operative Management Inspection Office. He emphasized that it needs to be converted.

A person familiar with the matter said, “The number of cases in which a final judgment was issued in favor of or against the ministry was divided into a final judgment that invalidated the allegations of the complainant or a judgment that acquitted the association. The total is 667. ”

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https://timeskuwait.com/news/weak-oversight-of-affairs-responsible-for-chaos-at-coops-sector/ Weak monitoring of problems that cause “chaos” in the co-operative sector

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