Weapon makers have won after a 100-day war in Ukraine

Friday, June 3rd is the 100th day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Moscow troops managed to occupy a large area of ​​the East Donbus area and secure an overpass from Crimea. However, Ukrainian troops have maintained their position in the rest of the country, largely with the help of weapons from the West.

The U.S. and Germany are pressing this week for Russian troops to occupy major cities in the east, so Kyiv has brought to Ukraine some of the advanced weapons he has long wanted to shoot down aircraft and cannons. I promised to equip it.

Despite several countries sending weapons to Ukraine since Russia’s invasion on February 24, Kiu complains that Ukraine is still powerless as it demands heavier weapons. ..

Take a look at the weapons promised or sent so far. This is not a complete list, given that some countries keep their donations secret.


The White House said in a statement Tuesday that it had agreed to Kyiv’s request for the HIMARS multiple rocket launcher. This will allow Ukrainian troops to attack deeper behind the Russian front while remaining out of range of Russian artillery.

HIMARS, whose scope is limited by the United States to prevent Ukrainian troops from using them to attack targets in Russia, will be paid from a $ 40 billion fund for Ukraine approved by Congress last month. The highlight of the dollar weapon package.

According to the State Department, the Biden administration has already provided more than $ 7.3 billion in “security assistance” since Russia annexed Crimea in 2014. This figure includes $ 4.6 billion in military aid since the start of the war on February 24, 2022.

Commitd weapons include 108 155mm howitzers, 90 tow trucks, 220,000 155mm guns, and 121 “Phoenix Ghosts” recently developed by the U.S. Air Force to meet the needs of Ukraine. Includes tactical drones.

The United States also promises 20 Mi-17 helicopters, 200 armored personnel carriers, 1,400 Stinger anti-aircraft systems, more than 6,500 javelin anti-aircraft missiles, thousands of ammunition rifles and a variety of other equipment. Did.


Turkey’s Bayraktar TB2 combat drone has become famous around the world since the beginning of the war. The video talks about the Ukrainian army using them to destroy Russian armored vehicles and cannon convoys.

Ukraine also said it used and sank the TB2 to divert the defenses of the Russian warship Moscow before firing with missiles in mid-April.

Before the invasion, Kyiv had about 20TB2. In March, Kyiv said he received more, not to mention some.


On April 13, the French Ministry of Defense said in a statement that it had delivered more than € 100 million in military equipment to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, France has delivered Caesar cannons with a range of 40 kilometers.

The Caesar (short for “Camione quicked’unsystème d’artillerie” or a truck with an artillery system) is a self-propelled 155mm / 52 caliber gun howitzer mounted on the chassis of a six-wheeled truck.

Caesar is headquartered in Amsterdam, Nexter Systems, which belongs to KNDS, the “European leader in land defense,” according to the website, and is produced by the French-Germany-Netherlands weapons company, co-owned by France, and German trucks. Has been made by Maker Wegman.

Nordic countries

Norway has sent 100 French Mistral anti-aircraft missiles and 4,000 M72 anti-aircraft weapons to Ukraine.

Sweden announced in late February that it would send 10,000 disposable anti-tank launchers along with a demining device.

Developed by Sweden’s Serve Bofors Dynamics since 2002, the new generation Light Anti-Tank Weapon (NLAW) for single use is manufactured primarily by Team MB TLAWUK in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

This includes 14 subcontractors, especially Thales Air Defense, a subsidiary of the Thales Group in France. NLAW is cheaper, but has a shorter range than Javelins developed in the United States.

Finland, which has applied for NATO membership as well as Sweden since Russia invaded Ukraine, gave Kieu 2,500 assault rifles, 150,000 ammunition and 1,500 single-use anti-tank weapons in February. Announced to send a launcher.

A month after the war began, Helsinki said it would send more weapons without specifying any type.

Three days after the war began, Denmark, which voted to overturn the EU’s common defense policy opt-out this week, said it would send 2,700 anti-tank launchers.

During his visit to Kieu in late April, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen unveiled an additional 600 million Danish krone (Euro 80.6 million) weapons. Washington says Denmark plans to send a US-made Harpoon anti-ship missile system. It can target ships up to 300 km offshore.

And the winner is ….

Despite Ukraine fighting Russian troops from around Kyiv and elsewhere, Russian troops continue to strengthen control over the Donbas region, and the end of the conflict is invisible.

Meanwhile, weapons companies are facing huge demands. Lockheed Martin, the world’s largest weapons company, reported in April that Russia’s attack on Ukraine “boosted demand” for its missile defense system.

The financial results for the first quarter of 2022 show a decrease in net sales compared to 2021, which will change significantly in the second quarter.

“We are receiving THAAD and PAC-3 demand signals from around the world,” Reuters said after Lockheed reported a quarterly decline in sales and profits.

Sweden and Finland approach NATO accession

THAAD and PAC-3 refer to the interceptors of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile defense system and the Patriot missile system.

The government now “thought it was worthwhile to have effective missile defense capabilities in your country … especially when you see missiles hitting Ukrainian hospitals and train stations,” Taiclet demands. I explained.

Lockheed Martin’s share price has risen sharply since the beginning of the war, rising in value from $ 395 on February 24, when the Russian invasion began, to nearly $ 470 in April.

Shares of Raytheon Technologies Corp, co-developer of the Javelin anti-tank missile launcher, have shown similar rises since February 24, but prices have fallen after supply line problems have hit production. ..

Perhaps the biggest winner of the Ukrainian War is Saab, co-creator of the javelin throw competitor NLAW, whose stock has seen a significant 81% leap since the beginning of the war.

Shares in French arms giant Thales, co-producer of NLAW, soared by more than 41%.

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