Weather forecasts promise warm midsummer weather

Midsummer According to it is expected to get hot Matti HuutonenYLE meteorologist.

“According to the forecast, with the exception of Lapland, the thermometer should show 26-28 ° C. This summer will be the first widespread period of warm climate. So far, the temperature in May. Had only one day above 25 ° C, “he says. comment To a public broadcaster on Monday.

Rain fronts track towards the north of the country between Wednesday and Thursday. Later, with the strengthening of the high-pressure system located in southeastern Finland, temperatures are projected to begin to rise to nearly 20 ° C.

“Thursday rain fronts are bigger, but people in the South don’t have to worry about getting wet,” Huutonen said.

Night temperatures can also be quite high, around 15 ° C in midsummer in southern Finland.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) has issued wildfires in the Åland Islands and southwestern Finland. Huutonen pointed out that the warning could be an obstacle to the bonfire because there is no forecast of rain in the area.

Monday Helsingin Sanoma I have written Despite the warnings we often hear about forecast uncertainties, midsummer weather is certainly expected to be sunny. It was confirmed that “it looks like that” Hannes ValtaFMI meteorologist.

Valta pointed out that the warm air expected to arrive in Finland on Thursday is related to the recent heat waves in Central Europe. If warm air manages to spread nationwide, mercury can rise more than 25 ° C north, as much as Lapland’s Utsjoki village.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT Weather forecasts promise warm midsummer weather

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