Wednesday’s National Health Insurance is three years old

According to a survey, three years have passed since the introduction of National Health Insurance (Gesy) in Cyprus on Wednesday. This is a measure that has clearly improved the quality of life of the general public.

However, abuse of the healthcare system continues. One is a number of unjustified referrals issued by individual doctors to other Gesy providers.

For this reason, the Health Insurance Organization (HIO), which we operate, is promoting a series of measures related to improving the work of family doctors and the referral system.

In a written statement on Tuesday, HIO also stated that these included performance criteria related to the number of individual physicians and were also related to their behavior regarding referrals to specialists. It can also be used for lab tests and x-rays and other diagnostic tests.

HIO is also stepping up quality checks on referrals and will take steps against attending physicians who do not follow their instructions.

Other planned measures are referrals, training and age-based guidelines for physician participation in the system. Wednesday’s National Health Insurance is three years old

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