Weekend: Let the magic of Christmas begin in Bratislava

Slovak in charge of training NBA players, walking the Little Carpathians, and events in Bratislava.

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Walk from Perneck to Pezinok

In the Bratislava region, you can take a weekend hiking trip from the mining village of Pernek to the wine-producing town of Pezinok. You can explore the Pernek mines, the hills of the Lesser Carpathians and the highest point of elevation, the Chemerok hills. Travel, Pezinská Baba ski resort, Pezinok vineyard.

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look travel pictures and walking map.

Other travel news:

  • a New facility with chargersservices and even bike rental Kojšovská Hoľa and Jablonov Nad Turňoueastern Slovakia.
  • of ice cathedral and Hlebienok in the High Tatras is inspired by the church in Jerusalem in 2022.
  • legal shelters and things has been removed from the shores of Liptowska Mara.
  • a farm building MarkszowceWith the help of a company in Iceland, East Slovakia, it will be renovated and equipped with new technology to create a modern exhibition.

Christmas begins in Bratislava

The spirit of Christmas descended on the Slovak capital on Friday night and will continue to spread over the next few weeks.

The Christmas market officially opens on Friday night, November 25th, at Franziskanske Square, with the Christmas tree lit up.

The markets on Františkánske Square and Hlavné Square will continue until December 22nd and will be open from 10:00 to 22:00.

Visitors can look forward to the many events held at Franziskanske Square from Thursday to Sunday. Public Christmas readings are held on Thursdays, concerts are held on Fridays and Saturdays, and Sundays are dedicated to children.

Among the many stands, Bratislava also has its own. Locals and tourists alike can purchase special glasses, gifts, hoodies, and wooden Christmas he decorations there.

Prior to Christmas, people can also take a walking tour to learn about Christmas traditions in Old Bratislava and villas in the Palisadi area. Children can also take a tour about the legend. Tours run on Saturdays through December 17th.

Bratislava already Christmas website in the city. Also available in English and Ukrainian.

Top 10 Bratislava Events

of Slovak Queer Film Festival The film will be screened at the Academy of Performing Arts on Svoradova Street and Cinema Murados on Hviezdoslavovo Square in Bratislava.

You can find more events in our latest overview of top events in the capital.

Slovak coaching NBA players in Chicago

Martin Ranczyk, currently an assistant coach for the Chicago Bulls, came to the United States in 1995 as a secondary school student.

It’s been six years since he won a sports scholarship. Then followed his 15-year professional career in Europe.

Today, Ranczyk shares the responsibility of preparing the team for the game with other coaches. Each assistant his coach is also responsible for the individual development of his two to his three players on the team.

“I’m incredibly lucky to be content with myself,” he said. Interview with The Slovak Spectator.

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