Wehrmacht manning not in required locations

Defense Minister Simon Coveney has admitted that the manning levels of the Defense Forces are not at the required levels.

Mr Coveney said the government had an “ambitious and radical” plan to address the retention crisis.

Cork South-Central TD added that it was committed to spending more money to create a force “bigger, stronger and better resourced”.

His comments came when the Association of Representative Bureaucrats (Raco) warned on Tuesday that it does not believe the government’s target of increasing its workforce to 11,500 is realistic.

Speaking in Dublin, Mr Coveney said: It is about 8,000 people at the moment.

“That’s not where we need to be. We have plans to reach 11,500 in the next six years.”

He said the government will spend another €114 million on defense next year, with spending rising from just over €1 billion to €2 billion by 2028.

“We are at the beginning of a very ambitious and sweeping reform process that will also have significant benefits in terms of attracting more people to the Defense Forces and retaining people longer,” said Fine. Added Gale TD.

“Like many other areas of public service, there are many vacancies in health care, An Garda Siochana and teaching, and we need to be able to attract bright and smart people to the Armed Forces.

“The way we do it is by prioritizing, by spending so much money to build a bigger, stronger, better-resourced defense force, and I do that. I am absolutely committed to what I do.” Wehrmacht manning not in required locations

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