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Western Gas Environmental Plan for Sasanof-1

December 23, 2021

MS-1-Credits: Paul / MarineTraffic.com

Australian oil and gas company Western Gas states that regulator NOPSEMA has accepted an environmental plan to manage the activities of the Sasanof-1 exploration on the northwestern shelf of Australia.

Drilling is scheduled to begin in March / April 2022 using the Valaris MS-1 semi-submersible. Relocation from activities near the northwestern shelf. Drilling costs are estimated at US $ 20-25 million.

The Sasanof-1 exploration well is located on Permit WA-519-P, about 207 km northwest of Onslow, Western Australia, in federal waters. Sasanof-1 is a vertical well, drilled to a depth of approximately 2500 m in 1070 m of water, providing a low-cost, high-impact exploration well in known proven hydrocarbon areas, Western Gas said.

“Sasan of Prospect is trending and rising near the liquid-rich, low-CO2 Mentorc gas and condensate fields and the Carnarvon basin Scarborough and Io-Jansz giant gas fields. ERCEquipoise Ltd (ERCE) is estimated by Sasanof to be 2U. The expected resources are 7.2 Tcf gas and 176 million bbls condensate (P50), with a 32% chance of success. High case 3U expected resource estimates are 17.8 Tcf gas and 449 million bbls. Condensate (P10). Added.

“Regulatory approval of Sasanov’s environmental plan is a major achievement for the Western Gas team and our service providers, XODUS and AGR. This reflects a collaborative and focused effort, with regulatory approval and approval. It gives us the confidence to move on to the final stages of the detailed planning of the well, “said Will Barker, Managing Director.

Credit: Western Gas

https://www.oedigital.com/news/493070-western-gas-environment-plan-for-sasanof-1-drilling-gets-regulator-s-approval Western Gas Environmental Plan for Sasanof-1

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