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Western nations urge Libya to “quickly” reschedule presidential votes

The five Western nations said they would continue to approve Libya’s interim government after the presidential election was postponed, but called for a new polling date to be set promptly.

Several Libyan parliamentary candidates have called for national protests over the cancellation of Friday’s long-awaited presidential election. (AFP)

The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and the United States are calling on war-torn Libya to quickly set a new date for postponing the presidential election.

The five countries issued a joint statement on Friday saying they would continue to approve Libya’s interim government, the National Unity Government of Myanmar (GNU), even after national elections have been postponed.

“We call on the relevant Libyan authorities to respect the Libyan people’s desire for a swift election by promptly deciding the final date of the vote and issuing the final version. List of presidential candidates Without delay. “

Authorities overseeing Libya’s first presidential election said it would be held on Friday as scheduled earlier this week. Would be “impossible”..

Libya’s parliament also said in September that it would not approve GNU after December 24th.

However, a statement from Western nations said at an international conference last month that power would not be transferred until the results of the elections were announced.

The British Embassy later tweeted that it remained aware of GNU and did not support attempts to establish a separate government.

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“Impossible” elections

The vote aims to mark a new start for an oil-rich North African country, more than a decade after the 2011 rebellion that defeated and killed Mu’ammar Kadafi, a year after the groundbreaking ceasefire. I was saying.

However Guessing the delay It was mounted for weeks. There was fierce controversy over the legal basis for voting, the power of the winners, and the candidacy of some deeply divided figures.

The chairman of the Parliamentary Commission, which oversees the vote, wrote to a parliamentary speaker on Wednesday.

“We are pleased to inform you that it will not be possible to hold an election on December 24, 2021 after consulting the technical, judicial and security reports,” he said.

The Commission did not propose an alternative for Friday, which is the date set during the last year. UN-led peace talks in Tunis..

HNEC, the national election commission, has proposed to postpone voting to January 24 later on Wednesday.

Libyan Parliament will meet on Monday to discuss the new election schedule.

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