What are the best event marketing guides and strategies?

Planning and promotion both go hand in hand, and we can’t ignore one of these. It doesn’t matter if you use all your energy in planning; it will fail if you don’t do promotion. However, it’s crucial to have a clear marketing and promotion strategy as it provides a warranty for success. This guide will include methods and concepts that can help make an event successful. Thus, if you are following the right plan, then it will ensure that you reach your target audience at the right time. So, let’s start discussing this concept from scratch: 

What is event marketing? A complete guide:

Event marketing contains all the techniques, strategies, and methods you use to attract the target audience. So, we plan, organize, and execute an event for promotion in event marketing. The promotional tactics could be for anything, whether it’s about a brand, product, or service. But it’s vital to mention here that event marketing happens during various events. According to the stats, 95% of marketers think event marketing is the most critical thing that helps in achieving business goals. Here are the following other points that show us the importance of event marketing: 

  • 75% of the business owners think that events help a lot in making connections and networking 
  • Apart from this, 48% of the millennials attend the events to share their experience on social media. In this way, brands enjoy free promotion on social platforms. 
  • 52% of business owners think that event marketing is the primary channel that brings the most ROI 
  • According to 47% of marketers, events are a great way to engage and interact with customers. 

In addition to this, 41% of the business representatives think that event marketing is more effective than content writing and email marketing. However, event marketing acts as a backbone in achieving goals, boosting revenues, and networking. 

Types of event marketing: 

Event marketing is a vast field that covers so many other things. However, many event formats come under this headline. Moreover, you can conduct these events online and offline. But according to the Harvard business review, here are the top ones: 

Apart from this, trade shows, pop-up shops, workshops, and launch parties & celebrations are other primary types. So, it’s a powerful tool that helps build strong relationships and partnerships and acquire new customers. Thus, if you want significant results, don’t forget to promote your events using event marketing. 

What are the best event marketing strategies? A list of ideas:

A successful event marketing strategy is the only thing that can grab attention. But to make an event successful, budget plays a crucial role. You can’t understand what resources you need unless you have the right strategies. The planning helps to create a solid roadmap after reading the enterprise analytics. So, while making the plan, don’t ignore these guides: 

Build a landing page: 

There are many ways for promotions. But don’t overlook the importance of a simple and effective high-converting landing page. According to 60% of marketers, their website is the most effective way of marketing. So, create a landing page in advance because it will help you in multiple ways. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have coding or designing skills, as you can use WordPress. Besides, don’t forget to include the following information on the landing page: 

  • Mention the name of speakers and hosts 
  • Tell about the reasons why customers should visit your landing page 
  • Mention the details like event name, schedule, date, location, and other vital things 
  • Include a call to action in the content

Moreover, while making the landing page, don’t ignore the 4 Ps of marketing. For instance, the 4 Ps include product, price, promotion, and place. So, make the plan after considering these points. 

Promote events using social media: 

Nowadays, we can’t deny the immense power of social media. Social media audiences increased up to 9.2% in 2019-2020, and with this, the world saw a new avenue of opportunities. So, you can promote events by using social media. For instance, create Facebook pages or run sponsored ads on blogs. Apart from this, cross-promotion is another excellent idea, and you can do this by inviting hosts and speakers to events. The main aim is to keep the audience attracted for a long time, and for this purpose, you can take the help of chatbots. 

Create user-generated content: 

If you want to promote anything, we can’t deny the importance of user-generated content. So, create content that is easy to understand and organic. Here are the following tips for creating a user-generated content: 

  • Create hashtags on social media and use them in a proper way 
  • Write attention-grabbing content
  • Don’t forget to write content that is SEO optimized 
  • Place the keywords with the appropriate density 
  • Include backlinks to the content 
  • Don’t forget the image description and alt tags 

 However, while writing content, prioritize organic and natural search results. In this way, you can increase brand reach. You can use SEO with organic search, inbound marketing, and paid promotion to enhance the impact. 

Email automation: 

It is the most potent channel still in power. More than 66% of marketers consider email marketing a powerful tool that helps in event marketing. But a single email would not do wonders. So, if you want to see results, create a marketing funnel and start sending email invitations to the people. Here are the following advantages of emails in event marketing: 

  • It helps to grab natural leads. 
  • Email marketing increases the percentage of event attendees 

In this way, you can promote the event without wasting time and energy. Many apps help to automate email. The apps will send reminders a week, day, or several hours before the event. But these campaigns are sent to those people who are registered for webinars and conferences. 


Besides, there are other ways you can use it for event marketing. It can help you to enter the market even if you are a beginner: 

  • Take the help of the affiliate marketing 
  • Referrals are a great option to spread the word of mouth 
  • Measure progress by taking the help of tools 
  • Maintain the record of employees in an organized way by using a check stub maker 
  • Host contests to make the event memorable 
  • Narrow down your target audience 

Note: In addition to this, don’t forget to focus on the data collection. The data size indicates the power of the event marketing campaign that you will run. 

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