What do Romanians want for Black Friday? – Romanian Journal

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According to data provided by MKOR Consulting through the 2022 Black Friday Shopping Survey, 6 in 10 Romanians plan to purchase at least one product or service on this occasion.

Fashion items top the list for Gen Z (48%), while the rest of the demographic want electronics and home appliances. IT&C products are primarily targeted at high-income earners.

More than half of consumers are planning for November sales. Young people (Generation Z and Millennials, 71%), people with high incomes (>5000 Lei), and parents (68%) show a greater interest in Black Friday offers.

Data confirms the high desire of Romanians for promotion in general, a behavior increasingly adopted in the current economic climate. Thus, in the last six months, 78% of them declared they sought out more of the products on offer, which is preferred mainly by millennials, low-income earners and those with parents (83%). Solution.

The main reason Romanians shop on Black Friday 2022 is to get better prices for the products and services they have been looking for for a long time, and they are in the habit of buying products and services at discounted prices. It’s a fact that I have. Black Friday and being a good time to buy Christmas gifts.

The majority of Romanians are worried about inflation (79%) and the high cost of living (64%), but plan to take advantage of the Black Friday discount period to buy what they want.

For low-income Romanians, Black Friday is a great opportunity to buy goods they wouldn’t be able to buy otherwise. Also, one in three Romanians who intend to buy on Black Friday at a discounted price, because she usually buys on sale, not just on this occasion. Most buyers (80%) do not have a fixed budget, but allocate their spend based on the offers they find.

Those who already know how much they want to spend on Black Friday this year said their goal depends not only on available financial resources (7 out of 10), but also on external factors such as the price of the product they want to buy (52%). has been set. ) or current economic situation (25%). When asked about the factors they take into account when making a purchase, 7 out of 10 Romanian girlfriends said they consider the financial resources they have. Half of consumers consider the price of the product or service they are considering purchasing, and 25% consider the current economic situation.

E-commerce remains a priority when it comes to Black Friday shopping. However, nearly half of consumers indicated that they would also shop in brick-and-mortar stores across the country during this period. Online is also preferred when looking for information about available Black Friday deals.

“Black Friday 2022 will take place in a particular economic situation never experienced before. Following trends regarding consumer behavior in Romania, we set out to identify the characteristics of the biggest discount event of the year. To that end, we have analyzed consumer behavior over the past six months to identify the top consumer concerns over the coming period and how they will impact Black Friday shopping in 2022.” Corina Cimpoca, founder of MKOR Consulting, said: What do Romanians want for Black Friday? – Romanian Journal

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