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What do the Egyptians say on the eve of the January 25th revolution?

The Egyptian government is proposing to raise the minimum wage and justice for victims of police atrocities a few days before Egypt’s Arab Spring Anniversary. But is that enough?

As the January 25th Revolutionary Anniversary approaches in Egypt, the so-called Arab Spring fallout continues in the most populous countries of the Middle East.

One of the early signs that the Egyptian government has taken this event seriously is that the country’s president, President Abdel Fatta Ersisi, has set a national minimum monthly wage from the previously set EGP 2,400 ($ 152.5). We have decided to raise it to EGP 2,700 ($ 172).

Not everyone is convinced that the latest move by Sisi will buy the social peace of a country that is still upset from the 2011 revolution and the subsequent military takeover in 2013, and as a result, to the country. A serious economic and political rift has arisen.

One social media user said the decision to raise wages before the January 25th anniversary was “Painkiller“It won’t work.

In recent years, the International Monetary Fund has Mountain of praise Egypt has engaged in what is called the “decisive” economic reform to stabilize the country’s economic growth and employment.

But for many Egyptians, the fruits of this economic upturn have proven to be elusive.

According to the government report Statistical institutionAlmost 30% of Egypt’s 102 million people live on the poverty line, which is defined as less than $ 2 per person per day.

In 2011, it was “bread, freedom, social justice” that millions of protesters shouted on the streets. But following critic crackdowns, such screams are now almost inaudible.

It didn’t stop people from listening to their opinions on social media. One of the notable trends these days is Arabic hashtags.Leave Sisi He called on the Egyptian president to resign.

Sisi In other words If people don’t want him, a recent interview is ready for him to leave the office.

1 social media user Said, “Give them free elections and let them say their words.”

Even the high ambitions of the 2011 revolution that defeated the late President Hosni Mubarak, many social media users broadcast basic complaints about national omissions as a sign of what the disgusted people have become.

One account Complained About the authorities demolishing people’s homes without sufficient consultation, leaving them unreliable and without alternative accommodation.

In some cases, authorities have spoken about local governments using the “Leave Sisi” hashtag while other social media users. Major rescue activities For a few children who drowned on the Nile.

Hashtags have been a trend in Japan for four days. However, it will be difficult to draw a firm conclusion that the Sisi administration is facing imminent risks.

twitter How to Use In Egypt, at some point it reached almost 40 percent of the population. However, since 2014, the sharp decline has fallen to less than 14%.

Online spaces are also becoming a keen interest for Egyptian states to monitor and reliably convey their messages.

Last year’s twitter announcement Deleted more than 2,541 accounts called the “El Fagr Network” that had been exhausted in Egypt.

The crackdown on self-made and self-performing accounts was part of what is called “state-sponsored information operations” in the Middle East and was carried out from multiple locations.

Recently, two Egyptian police officers were convicted of killing Khaled Said almost 12 years ago.

Saeed was 28 years old when he was detained by police in the city of Alexandria in 2010 after posting a photo of a police officer dealing with illegal drugs.

He was then beaten and tortured by police officers, and photographs of his injured body were widely disseminated.

After the incident, activists Created On the Facebook page “We are all Khaled Said,” Said’s image has become one of the main drivers behind the January 25th revolution.

The announcement How sensitive the Egyptian government has ever been to paying family compensation of $ 63,000 to two police officers sentenced to 10 years in prison and a few weeks before the January 25th anniversary of the rally It’s an important indicator of whether you need to soften your cry. ..

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