What does eggs, ice cream and ferris wheels have to do with Russia?

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The Ferris wheel, called the Russian wheel in Slovak, was invented in the United States.

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In the 19th century, caviar was given to pigs or abandoned. When the shell melts, the small fish eggs are initially a little sweet and quickly taste bitter.

Caviar eggs, along with ham, mayonnaise and boiled eggs, are one of the delicacies known as Russian eggs.

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After the Russian invasion, Slovak producers renamed food as a sign of solidarity with Ukraine and stopped using caviar. But caviar remains the only clue as to whether Russian eggs have anything to do with the country.

“No one ate caviar until the 1876 World’s Fair. At the exhibition, the Russian delegation introduced three types of caviar: black, red and press. The French daily newspaper said it. Was called “Russian junk”, “said the history of gastronomy. In his opinion, such relationships between Russian eggs and caviar and caviar and Russia may be in agreement, but at best, they are signs, not evidence of Russian origin.

Some food companies in Slovakia and the Czech Republic have even stopped calling food Russian. Instead, Ryba Košice started selling picnic eggs, and RybaŽilina introduced an alternative food called delicacy eggs. Czech producer Bidfood has renamed Russian ice cream to Ukrainian ice cream.

Every day Sme tried to find the origin of names such as Russian eggs, Russian ice cream and Russian wheels. In fact, their Russian origin is controversial or absolutely untrue.

Russian eggs “attached” by the Czechs

Russian eggs were annexed by the Czechs. In a relatively popular story, the Russians are mentioned about the origin of food, not as an inventor, but as a taster. They were served food by the Italians. Evidence of Italian origin seems to come from the fact that a salad called “vlašský” was used as an ingredient, and various sources call the Italians by such names. will help you. “data-msg-btn-logout =” Log in as another user “data-msg-btn-close =” Keep logged in “> What does eggs, ice cream and ferris wheels have to do with Russia?

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