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Visit Bucharest Today, an English-language online guide to promoting Bucharest to foreign tourists, analyzed searches performed by users who visited the platform from May to July 2022. This analysis was performed against his 52,000 specific searches on the web platform and the associated Android app provided. An image of the most attractive destination for foreign tourists visiting the Romanian capital.

Therefore, according to data from Visit Bucharest Today, around 60% of the platform’s users speak English, German (2.62%), Hebrew (1.90%), French (1.70%), Dutch (1.70%), Russian words (1.46%). %), Italian (1.47%), Greek (1.42%).


Here are the most popular attractions and sights in Bucharest:

– old Town

– Fountain show

– Houses of Parliament

– Romanian Library

– National Salvation Cathedral

The most popular museums in Bucharest are:

– Ceausescu House (Spring Palace)

– Grigore Antipa Museum

– National Museum

– Village Museum

– Romanian Farmers Museum

The most popular parks and gardens in Bucharest:

– Herastrau Park

– Botanical garden

– Cismigiu Park

Most searched for restaurants in Bucharest by foreign tourists:

– Caru’ cu Bere

– Hanul lui Manuc (Manuk’s Inn)

– Bellaria H

– Hard Rock Cafe

Phrases and questions most searched for by foreign tourists about Bucharest:

– “What is happening in Bucharest these days?”

– “Is Bucharest a safe city?”

– “Can I drink the tap water in Bucharest?”

– “How can I use public transport in Bucharest?”

– “What can I do in Bucharest this weekend?”

– “Bucharest Casino”

Most searched day trip destinations from Bucharest:

– Bran Castle

– Constanta

– Brasov

– Peles Castle

Visit Bucharest Today is an online guide to Bucharest for English speakers in the capital and foreigners planning to visit Bucharest.

The platform is on the web and can be accessed at VISIT BUCHAREST.TODAYnot only, google playthe app is downloaded by Android device users who visit the capital. What Foreign Tourists Look For Online When Visiting Bucharest – The Romania Journal

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