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What is the best way to find and book cheap flights?

As Eid al-Adha’s long weekends and summer school holidays approach, travelers get busy planning their vacations. During these peak times, flights are usually expensive, so we always look for the best deals.

However, prices can be cheap if you know how to find the best price at the right time. Ayoub El Mamoun, social media manager for the global travel market Skyscanner, shares tips for finding the best deals on your flight.

Make the price smarter: Searching by multiple dates and airports is most likely a bargain. Setting price alerts allows you to know first when prices go down due to additional discounts or additional supplies. You can mark the flights you are interested in and you will receive an email from our website every time the price goes up or down.

Consider all options. Over the last few years, corridors have shed some amazing gems, making new destinations more popular. It may be an unexpected joy to exchange your usual break in Greece for the Albanian Riviera.

Match to make big savings: Not only summer fashion trends, but also the combination of selected airlines can save you a lot of money. Fares do not need to be booked as returns. To save money, consider flying with one airline and returning to another. You can easily compare prices with the cheapest month tools on our website.

Find the best deals using the one month tool: All flight prices are based on supply and demand. Prices vary because some dates are more popular than others. With the “1 month” search tool, you can see cheap flights at a glance and choose the right deal. Consider traveling the day before or the day after your original departure date. It’s always cheaper to fly on less popular days.

Flex is a word: In the past, flexibility in travel may have meant getting affordable by flying during antisocial times. However, travel conditions are constantly changing, so it is important to know your ticket and accommodation change policies. These policies are highlighted in the search, so you can easily change your travel reservations.

Skyscanner has also compiled a list of top destinations booked for travelers in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia this summer. According to the company, the most popular redirect destinations for UAE travelers this summer are Manila, Cairo, Amman, Mumbai and Istanbul. The most popular redirect destinations for Saudi Arabian travelers are Cairo, London, Bangkok, Bak and Hyderabad.

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In addition, Saudi Arabia bookings for July and August travel this year increased 325% in May compared to the previous month, and UAE bookings increased 156% over the same period.

“As travel restrictions have been relaxed, we have witnessed a resurgence of travel waiting for travelers to enjoy their longing for travel again. Setting price alerts on Skyscanner is an additional It’s a great way for travelers to know first when prices go down due to discounts or additional supplies, “says Ayoub.

Recently, Dubai-based airline flydubai said it expects 3 million passengers to move through the network this summer. From July to September of this year, an average of 8,500 departures per month are expected across the airline network, with 43% increase in available seat kilometers compared to the same period in 2019.

Read again: It is expected that 3 million passengers will move through the flydubai network this summer.

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