What is the Hungarian government doing to comply with the EU?

The Hungarian government made concessions to the European Union. This was necessary for Hungary to receive her EU funding. However, it is unclear what the Hungarian government is promising. The set of measures was sent to the European Commission on 22 August. Experts say the reason for the silence is that the Hungarian government has been forced to make serious concessions.

Response to the European Commission

On August 23, Justice Minister Judit Varga announced: on her facebook page The government has sent a response to the European Commission. In it, they explain what steps they will take to address EU concerns about the rule of law and corruption. The Hungarian government has been given a final month at the end of July to propose measures to safeguard the rule of law. did. “The Hungarian government is considering a comprehensive set of measures aimed at addressing all the Commission’s concerns,” Varga wrote.

Before sending the letter, the Hungarian government held lengthy consultations with the EU. The Orban government held her 10 videoconferences and several meetings with the European Commission during her month. Over 100 drafts were discussed and negotiated.

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No details

However, Judit Varga’s post does not indicate exactly what was agreed between the two parties. Neither the Justice Minister nor Tibor Navracsics has clarified the matter. According to the regional development minister, “the government has made concrete commitments on all matters of concern.” Prime Minister’s Office Minister Gergely Gulyás also revealed some details. According to Gulyás, Fidesz says he is willing to amend more than 10 laws.

The European Commission announced in April that it would begin rule of law proceedings against Hungary. reportThis is when a Member State is found to be in breach of the rule of law requirements set out in the Treaty Establishing the EU. All Member States are obliged to comply with them. The penalty is withdrawal of EU funds. For Hungary, this is over her 11 trillion forints frozen by the EU.

It consists of several items, including funds from Hungary’s current budget, funds to mitigate the effects of the Covid epidemic, and loans. According to, Hungary’s main problem is related to public procurement. The European Commission says there have been systematic irregularities in the distribution of EU funds. Since the change of government in 2010, a narrow circle of people with government ties have been able to access her EU funds.

I need an urgent agreement

With time running out and many problems, the Hungarian government is willing to compromise. If no deal is reached, Hungary could suffer heavy losses. If a plan is not agreed by December 31st, 70% of the non-refundable funds will be reduced. The government’s silence may be because it is forced to make many concessions to the European Commission.

We don’t have the funds yet, but the Hungarian government has already used some of it. On the government side, we can see that a quarter of the money has already been distributed.

Czech EU Minister Mikulas Bek said there was little willingness among the European Commission and Member States to accept Hungary’s commitments without taking action first. Reuters writes.

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