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What is the rumored background that Pakistan bought a Chinese fighter?

Islamabad’s rivals in New Delhi have already acquired France’s Rafale Jet, and China’s J10-C Jet is seen as a direct reaction to the acquisition of India.

Since gaining independence from Britain in 1947, Pakistan and India have been involved in various conflicts, primarily over the status of Kashmir.

The two fought four wars and claimed the lives of tens of thousands. Constant border skirmishes leave a tense political atmosphere between the two states.

Due to continued tensions, Pakistan has been affected by continued tensions, according to defense analyst Muhammad Asar Jabed, director of the Pakistan House, a think tank on international issues based in Denmark / Pakistan, confirmed by Pakistani government sources. I started to buy Chinese J-10C fighter. Procurement of fighters by Islamabad.

Although there is no official confirmation from Islamabad, Pakistani military analyst Ejaz Haider reported that “the purchase was made and the first batch flew on March 26, Pakistan’s Republic Day. I will do it. ”

Heider said the main threat to Pakistan came from India, causing wars and conflicts, reminding us that the latest escalation happened in February 2019, “India attacked Pakistan.” increase.

Why now?

“India operates Rafale in France, whose capabilities are enhanced by Russia’s S-400A2-AD system. As a result, the threat needs to be addressed not only in terms of intent but also in capabilities. , I can’t afford to tolerate a great deal of asymmetry in relation to my opponents, “Hider says. TRT World, Explain why Pakistan buys.

July, Ministry of Defense of India announcement Purchase of 36 Rafale fighters from France.Interestingly, Pakistan too Procure 36 fighters from China, Suggesting that it is a direct retaliation for the move in New Delhi.

“Pakistan’s F-16 fighters are already aging and are under construction by Pakistan’s own JF-17 Thunder. We really needed to create a deterrent to combat India’s purchase of Dassault Rafale,” Javed said. Is talking. TRT world.

The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) fighter F-16 was launched by the national “Swift Tretort” after an Indian military aircraft was shot down in Kashmir on February 27, 2019 during an air show in Karachi on February 27, 2020. We will perform in commemoration of “Strategy”. (Akhtar Soomro / Reuters Archive)

Given the size of New Delhi’s army, Pakistanis cannot create direct symmetry with Indians, but Islamabad wants to buy a Chinese jet so that it can compete on much the same terms. increase.

“The Pakistani Air Force is one of the top air forces in the world,” he says.

Haider agrees with the evaluation.

“PAF is a professional air force that has worked well against the Indian Air Force despite limited resources. The February conflict once again proved that, even with top talent and training. We need a state-of-the-art platform, “he says.

Why Chinese jets?

China is a close ally of Pakistan due to the various conflicts between Beijing and New Delhi in South Asia. The two major Asian powers are competing with each other to secure political and economic interests in strategically important regions.

This equation means that Pakistan and China share much in common on many issues, develop strategic relations, and strengthen military cooperation. But there are other reasons why Pakistan bought a Chinese jet.

“The Pakistani Air Force needs 4.5 generation multirole fighters. Despite Pakistan’s nominal non-NATO ally, European fighters are very expensive and stop security support with Islamabad. Because of this, the United States is not an option, “says Haider.

“Pakistan faces significant sanctions from the United States despite purchasing the F-16,” says Javed. As a result, like Turkey, Pakistan has moved to create a unique solution for developing its military hardware in the face of US opposition, he says.

Even operating the F-16 is problematic for Pakistan, as Washington imposes restrictive conditions on their use, says Javed. There are also issues related to the repair process, he adds. China usually does not impose conditions on weapons sold to other countries.

‘Iron brothers

Javed states that the growing partnership between China and Pakistan has led some to call the two countries “brothers of iron.”

The two Asian countries, China and Pakistan, have an old strategic relationship due to the convergence of interests in many areas.

The two Asian countries, China and Pakistan, have an old strategic relationship due to the convergence of interests in many areas. (Ng Han Guan / AP Archive)

The ongoing PACJF-17 Thunder Project, aimed at the production of a lightweight, single-engine 4th generation multirole fighter, is one of the products of this Iron Brotherhood.The Chinese name for the joint project is Xiaolong Or “fierce dragon”. This project is primarily designed to replace Pakistan’s A-5C, F-7P / PG, Mirage III, and Mirage V fighters.

However, Javed says the joint project or the purchase of China’s J-10C fighter by Pakistan should not be exaggerated in the face of India’s recent weapons. “India is one of the top buyers of weapons, according to various military sources. They buy from anywhere in the world, including Russia,” he says.

Washington was angry that Turkey bought the Russian S-400, but the US did not show anger at India after the US bought the same air defense system from Moscow.

“For Pakistan, the J-10C model is important,” says Javed, referring to the technologically advanced features of the aircraft.

But that does not mean that Pakistan will leave the Western Union, he added, saying it is the right to protect Pakistan itself.

Javed also states that just because Pakistan bought a Chinese jet doesn’t mean it wants a war with India. “We want to be friends with India,” he said, referring to Pakistan’s long efforts to create a “system of communication” with New Delhi.

However, he argues that India’s illegal unilateral constitutional amendment on the political status of the internationally disputed Kashmir region has exacerbated the situation.

Despite the differences, all Pakistani facilities are still on the same page, stating that “Pakistan and India should work together.” “If we come together, most solutions are there.”

Source: TRT World

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