“What is Web 3.0 that large companies are entering one after another?” Coinpost will hold a seminar for companies on 1/25 (Wednesday)

Web3 seminar held on January 25th
Coinpost Co., Ltd., which operates Japan’s largest virtual currency and blockchain media “CoinPost”, will hold seminars on Web3 for domestic companies every month. The first seminar will be held on January 25 (Wednesday) under the title of “Web3 Basic Course: Learning the Basics of Virtual Currency and Blockchain” and recruiting participants.
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Background of this seminar
The Kishida administration announced on November 28, 2010, in its “Five-Year Startup Development Plan,” that it was clear that it would proceed with environmental improvements, such as taxation on blockchain technology and the Web3 (distributed web).
Reference: The Kishida administration presents a roadmap for developing an environment for fostering Web3 startups
Many of you may have seen in the daily news that Square Enix in Japan and Starbucks Coffee, a major overseas coffee chain, have announced the use of blockchain technology.
Reference: Square Enix’s New Year’s greeting “More focus on blockchain games”
Reference: Starbucks NFT starts beta test
But there are high hurdles to understanding the Web3 and blockchain technology concepts behind these moves. I don’t know if I should wear it. ” I heard from a company representative.
We have decided to hold a seminar to support as many companies as possible based on the knowledge and relationships with experienced business operators that we have cultivated so far regarding domestic and foreign blockchain use cases.
The seminar to be held on January 25th will be the first of Web3’s seminar series for domestic companies that will be held regularly until July. Therefore, in order to make it easier to absorb the knowledge gained in the second and subsequent seminars, we plan to condense and deliver the basic content.
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Consistent support from lectures to business utilization
In all seven seminars, we plan to set a different theme for each seminar and invite experts and companies active at the forefront of the industry as lecturers. By attending all our seminars, you will gain the perspective and knowledge you need to launch a Web3-related business.
Also, on July 25th (Tuesday) and 27th (Wednesday), a large-scale conference will be held where three domestic and foreign web companies will gather together. Based on what you have learned in the lectures of this seminar, we plan to provide opportunities to hear idea pitches from domestic and foreign entrepreneurs and students, as well as opportunities to match with Web3 companies.
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By participating in multiple seminars, you will not only be able to gain a deeper understanding and understanding of what you learned at the seminars through lectures at conferences and communication with businesses, but also relationships with consulting companies and development companies that you can consult. also deepens. We would appreciate your cooperation in launching the business. Also available for construction.
Since each seminar is independent, we are confident that you will definitely get something out of just attending once. However, we believe that attending as many seminars as possible will make your time at the conference more productive.
Interested in joining Web3, what’s the best way to enter and build a relationship?
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▼Recommended for:

I want to know the impact of Web3 on business as soon as possible
I want to collect information about Web3, but I don’t know where to start
I don’t know how to introduce blockchain or NFT into my own service etc.

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▼Seminar Overview
Date: January 25, 2023 (Wednesday) 17:00-18:30
Agenda: 17:00-17:15 Opening remarks, announcement of seminar business (Coin Post Mirror) 17:15-18:15 Seminar, Q&A (New Economic Shitara) 18:15-18:30 Conference “WebX” related Notice (coin post) Kagami)
Number of Participants: We are approaching the limit of online participants. Please make a reservation as soon as possible. *Seminars held on the premises of Tokyo Tower are for invitation only.
Seminar participation fee: Free
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▼Regarding participation application
The seminar will be delivered online. At a later date, we will inform you of the distribution URL to the address you entered in the registration form. Please apply from the page below.
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* Information provided at the time of application will be used for our event reception management and various information (services, events, etc.). *There are reports that the send button is not displayed in some environments. If you can’t find the submit button, please enter the form URL in another browser and apply.
▼Speaker profile

Mr. Takahito Kagami, CEO of Coinpost Co., Ltd.

Operates “CoinPost”, a media specializing in virtual currency and blockchain. After graduating from high school, he studied abroad in the United States and Canada for four years. Since January 2017, he has been involved in cryptocurrency-related businesses, and in July of the same year, he launched CoinPost, a media company specializing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain, and was appointed editor-in-chief. Based on numerous interviews with celebrities in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchains in Japan and overseas, he focuses on a management system that quickly and accurately delivers information on cryptocurrencies and blockchains.
Coin post:
Twitter account: @coinpost_kagami
▼Instructor profile

Mr. Yusuke Shitara Editor-in-chief and General Manager of Content Division Gentosha Co., Ltd. “Atarashii Economy”

At Gentosha, we have launched a media specializing in blockchain and crypto assets called “Atarashii Economy”. Responsible for new business in the company’s content business department. He is also the director of Gentosha Comics. He is a director of “Fukuoka Blockchain Alliance”. He regularly appears on TV “Spotlight” RKB Mainichi Broadcasting and radio “Tenkais” (TBS Radio). He also distributes podcasts such as “Minna no Mentor Room (Amazon audible)”, “Furoshiki Tatami Radio (Voicy)”, and “New Economic News”. His book is “Selection of folding people” (President Publishing).
New Economy:
Twitter account: @ysksdr
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▼Sponsoring companies
Coinpost Co., Ltd. Business description: Operation of online news media specializing in virtual currency and blockchain URL: Representative: Takahito Kagami, President Headquarters: 3-27-5 Higashi-Nippori, Arakawa-ku – Tokyo Ward BH Building 7F
Related: CoinPost sponsored Web 3 major conference “WebX” held at Tokyo International Forum
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Post “What is Web 3.0 where large companies are entering one after another?” It was first published in Our Bitcoin News that Coinpost will hold a seminar for companies on 1/25 (Wednesday). “What is Web 3.0 that large companies are entering one after another?” Coinpost will hold a seminar for companies on 1/25 (Wednesday)

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