What the Head of State Prince Albert II Worn

Every day, heads of state represent their countries on the international stage. His speeches and the way he dresses are conveyed verbatim to the world’s media. Official meetings, public events, parliaments, conferences – all require the right wardrobe.

The dress code for government representatives is no place for fashion experimentation. But different events, countries, and cultures require fashion designers to get creative. What clothes did the Principality of Monaco choose and what is the secret of his elegant style?

In 2022, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene celebrated a very special day – their 11th wedding anniversary. For the occasion, the Palais of Monaco has released new photos taken in its gardens. He wears a dark blue suit with a white shirt and a pearl white tie.

In public speeches, the Principality of Monaco follows an official dress code. On June 28, 2022, Prince Albert attended the United Nations Ocean Conference in Portugal. In this case, the choice was obvious: a dark blue jacket with a very special insignia – a badge with the symbol “Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco”.

The image chosen for the official opening of the new museum of Prince of Monaco’s HSH new car collection was more casual: a stylish combination of a blue jacket, gray pants and a sky blue tie.

Glamorous events are an integral part of life in the Principality of Monaco. One of his most awaited events of the season, Bardera Rose 2022, was attended by the prince’s family. Sovereign Prince Dress: A white jacket with a crystal white shirt and a small but bright detail: a red bow tie. Accessories honor the theme and colors of this special evening.

Another world-famous event took place in the Principality of Midsummer in 2021. A special ceremony was held at the Prince’s Palace for the 5th Annual Monte-Carlo Gala Planetary Health. Every year, this charity event attracts celebrities, public figures and politicians. Prince Albert II walked his carpet red in a classic black tuxedo. The photo quickly made headlines in the world’s media.

Princess Caroline of Hanover, Prince Albert II of Monaco and Sharon Stone © Eric Mathon Palais Princier

But even in the lives of public figures there are moments of simple joy with family and friends. In December 2020, Princess Charlene posted a Christmas photo with Prince Albert II and his children, twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella. Her father is wearing red Christmas in her pajamas, crocs and a Joyeux Noel Santa hat.

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Mark Kappel What the Head of State Prince Albert II Worn

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